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Today we look at a few more aspects on how to change your life and find the definition of success.

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Changing your life, whether it’s your career, relationship or the way you look can be one of the most rewarding exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have that will lead you to a very successful happy life.

New Life Habits

I know and we all have to admit that the prospect of change can be scary and terrifying and this is the number one reason many of us choose to ignore those feelings that life could be better than this.


The reality is that sometimes we just need a little push to take the plunge.


I want this reading lines to be your catalyst, the spark that ignites the fire within your soul. I want you to feel breathless with excitement at the prospect of beginning a fresh start in changing your life for the better.


Whether it’s simply changing the way you look or totally changing what you do for a living, you have to feel excited, passionate and you have to feel energized.


We often get stuck in the idea of having to make some huge changes in our lives, and it seems overwhelming so we don’t do anything.


We just wish, wait and hope. Or we may just be stuck in a very comfortable routine. The trick is to realize that the force of inertia (the tendency of bodies at rest to stay at rest) will keep you exactly where you are unless you do something.


By taking small steps each day, you will get unstuck quickly and effortlessly, and you will then be taken on a fabulous journey to a more energetic and fulfilled way of living showing you how to change your life and become successful forever.


You are about to embark on the roller-coaster ride of your life, full of extreme highs and terrifying lows, but your belief, passion, and determination will remain with you and get you through no matter what.


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ~ C.S.LEWIS ~


The road to success is different for everyone. They are no rules: what works for one person may not work for another. The important thing is for you to find your own way, the one that works for you.


Over the last years, I was putting together a strategy for success that works for me and I believe it can be applied to any aspect of life that you may want to change. Now, I am not suggesting it's fail-proof, but it should give you the inspiration you are looking for to keep you going.

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1. Redefine Accountability


For some, the mere mention of accountability results in a shudder. There are negative views of accountability, and perhaps the dictionary definition will only serve to reinforce that view.


Life and business will often thrust us into circumstances that are beyond our control. Your success doesn’t need to rest in the hands of others. If you rely on others to save you, you are paralyzed in a world of victimization.


You struggle to think creatively, clearly, or quickly. Instead, you should be taking charge of your circumstances, whatever those may be.


You shouldn’t feel that being true to your goals, and yourself, is a chore.


Accountability is your gift to yourself. It is a mindset that you have set and accepted voluntarily, one that will ensure your success and not something that you have to shove down your own throat.

2. Plan Your Success – Goals, Dreams, and Intentions

Goals make dreams happen. It can help to think of them as the doing, the list of things you tick off, but without a dream, a list of goals becomes nothing more than a chore.


Dreams apply to every aspect of your life – what you do, how you would like to look, how you felt about yourself and how others felt about you.


Now, with every dream, must come a plan. If you desire success, understand that it won’t just happen.


You need to actually sit down regularly and work out the strategy you will require to achieve that success. Consider every detail, every step that will lead you to success.


You must also accept that those plans may need to change from time to time and altered to fit in with reality, this should not be viewed as a failure, but as a smart strategy to reach goals.


Your goals must be incorporated into a rigorous training program that will ensure you become healthy enough physically and mentally to be able to reach the top and achieve your dream.


In my opinion, the big difference between a goal and a dream is in the emotion. Achieving your goals makes you feel good about yourself and in control of your destiny.


Achieving my dreams is totally exhilarating and makes me scream, laugh or cry – it's a release of pent-up emotion.


The goals are the building blocks that drive you towards achieving your dreams.


I believe the more we can define ourselves by our dreams the more fulfilled and happy we will be.


The only thing that will stop you fulfilling your dreams is you. ~ TOM BRADLEY ~

There's no limit to the number of dreams you can have, and when you've achieved one – it's time for the next one.

3. Believe in Your Success

Having giant dreams is tremendous, and your dream of success may seem as though it is beyond what you are capable of, but you must believe in the dream. The heart is key to true success.


If you don’t believe that you can attain that success, then how will you stay motivated?

4. Be Patient

Instant gratification is rarely an element of real success for changing your life for the better. Real success takes time, and effort and this requires real patients.

5. Don’t Allow Circumstances to Control You

As mentioned above life can throw all types of circumstances at us. This can leave us feeling victimized by the circumstances or shortcomings that we believe we don’t have the strength to change on our own. This results in people living below their potential.


We look to others that can solve all of our problems for us, but we cannot let our circumstances define us, what we do or who we are, we have a lot more power than that.


Who is to say what you can or can't do or achieve? People love giving you their opinion, but you are the only master of your destiny.

You – and only you – can make things happen.


Think highly of yourself because the world takes you at your own estimate

6. Courage

Taking risks require courage, and courage is needed to achieve success. Be brave, be bold, and reach for success as if your life depends on it.

7. Visualize Your Success

Imagine yourself as if you were already that successful person you want to be.


Instead of saying: ”I can't do this, is too hard for me”, replace it with what it is you desire, something like ”I'm starting this journey and I'm going to complete it.”

The key is habitually thinking of yourself as the success that you are becoming.

Success, in any area, isn't something that just happens.

Becoming successful, mandates change.

You must learn the habits that will ensure your success.

Each of your goals will be achieved because you are committed to forming the habits required and building the foundation that it takes to succeed.

8. Create an Environment to Succeed

Some of your worst habits are from being in a negative or unhealthy environment.


”Environment” includes the physical space that you spend the most time in as well as the people with whom you spend your time.


As you start to organize your priorities and goals by creating a list, you'll begin to think with clarity and your environment becomes decluttered.


As you get into the habit of checking the list every single day, you create the environment you need to fulfill your mission.


Does your environment, make your success more attainable or more difficult?

9. Work for It

You’re certainly not going to succeed by sitting on the couch watching Netflix, so the only way you’re going to succeed is by taking all of those tips above and applying them.


Those who achieve success work for it and you should work towards that success every single day.


I know it sounds daunting and sometimes all we want is for someone to come along and make things happen, but this way it wouldn't be any fun or even half as rewarding, if you don't have to work for it, isn't?

10. Perfect Your Decision-Making Skills

The ability to make decisions is the key to success. You are the master of your own life and your dreams, and decisions you make drive your goals, successes, and dreams.


Spend some time regularly evaluating your decisions to ascertain whether they support your goals, or take you further from them.


If your intentions are really clear, you are less likely to waste time on things that don't comply with your wish list.


Focus is critical when pursuing a dream. You will face many challenges along the way, and to succeed you need to be really clear about what it is you are aiming for, otherwise you will easily get lost.

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11. Keep Track of Your Progress

Once you've laid out your goals, you need to stick to the plan in order to make them happen.


Make sure that you keep track of what you're doing in order to achieve your goals, and see how much success you’ve had. Take some time each week or month to go over the progress you’ve made and adjust your goals according to your current needs.


You should always be comfortable with the goals you set.


The process of setting goals doesn't need to be an arduous task. Take time to think about what you really want to accomplish in the next year… Five years… And even ten years. Don't just scribble something down on paper for the sake of saying you have goals. You'll rarely accomplish anything that way.


Our lives are constantly defined by goals, it is very important that you don't confuse your goals with your dreams on intentions.

  • The dream is the big picture.
  • The intention is the detail.
  • The goal is the to-do list.


So, to be more specific, the difference between intentions and goals is that should be no sense of guilt if it happens you don't achieve everything you intend to. Intentions are the knowledge of what it is you want and what you are aspiring to.


Just trust your gut instinct. If something feels like an effort and doesn't get you excited, it's probably more likely a goal.


So, next time when you allow yourself to dream, don't just think of it, put pen to paper and describe it in detail, then watch this space. You will be surprised to see the way the Universe works for us every minute.


Success Is Your Only Option: Respect It, Protect It, Grab It!


For success to be your only option, you must create a definition that grabs you by the heartstrings.

Your personal definition of success must motivate you in such a way that you will get determined to take all the necessary steps to accomplish it.

Let's have some fun and customize your definition of success.

This is my definition of success:

Success is that inner feeling of PEACE when you know you have given 100% and you made a difference.

  • It's not just about money, power, and fame, but rather to have the capacity to recognize your identity, surround with constructive people and move forward without thinking back.
  •  It is about falling flat on your face and admit yourself that it is alright to fail so you can get back up.
  •  Is knowing that it is not a weakness to take hold of that hand reaching out to you for help.
  •  Is paying it forward every day as We are all Connected.



When you believe all the way to your bones that success is your only option, you do anything to ensure that failure is not a possibility.


Your success is your responsibility, but I know for beyond that you will discover the right way if you don't leave room for excuses.
Stop blaming anyone else around you: spouse, partner, the financial situation…, whatever.

Excuses are for the weak.

Success is your only option and you will take the steps necessary to ensure it!


What is your definition of success? Please leave your comments and suggestions in the comment box below and encourage changes for a Better, Successful Life we all desire and deserve.


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