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Yes Without Limits 

''If  You Wish to Move Mountains Tomorrow, You Must Start By Lifting Stones Today''


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I'm Juliana Luntrasu, an internet women entrepreneur and life lover with an obsession for discovering new ways of mastering every area of my life and fulfilling my human potential in helping middle-age women all over the world transform their lives by seeing the unlimited possibilities that life offers as long as they are ready to master it.  

After years of struggling, I’ve finally decided to take some massive action...

I used to work really hard since I know myself and I got to the point where I could take the decision to say STOP, take a deep breath and really analyze my life.

I am so excited to share with you from my life experience and my  journey and I really hope you follow along so we can make things really happening. And if you are at the point where you realized that you have much more to offer and starting an online business is bothering you for some time, then I will walk you threw every single step and make this possible.

                 A few years ago I had a psychical break. I had to deal with the decision of closing down my brick and mortar business. And  at this point, life slapped me hard and show me the ugly side as I never knew about it.

Now What?

I was living at my lowest life standards for about two years after this. I didn't know what else I could be doing. Looking for a JOB? 

This was absolutely not an option for me.

I Am Not Employable!

I had always had entrepreneurial blood. Except for the first years in my early 20's when I had a few JOB places, I have always had my own offline business. But this business was nothing related to affiliate marketing and making money online thing.

I use to run a successful business in the food industry where I had to physically work my ass off for more than 12h/day, 6 days/week.

''Awesome, right?'' 

I get tired of it and I start realizing that I am not actually enjoying anymore, as I had no social life, no family life and more important no 'ME TIME'.

This is the reason why I have been starting to look for a different way to make my living.


I know people who are made to work for someone else, just by following some rules, and is nothing wrong with this, as long as you feel complete.


If you are anything like me and you feel that there is more out there, just waiting for you, and everyone around you thinks you are just a dreamer, it is time to pause them, focus on what you really want and go get it.

  Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

My Online Journey

When I first heard that it is possible to make a living by working online from the comfort of your home and actually enjoy, I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Internet Marketing or how to start an online business.

I am very lucky that I have been born with a big desire for learning and discovering new things and that was the moment when I get into my research. I am not afraid of new challenges and I always play by the first instinct.

I’ve tried pretty much everything in search of success online but it took me more than 3 years to actually build a business and profit from it.

Currently approaching 42 as I write this post, success didn’t really happen in the way I wanted it to.

I started by searching for all types of information related to ''How to Start an Online Business''

I've experienced all the highs and lows of making a full-time living from the 'laptop lifestyle'.

I spent a lot on learning and it took me a lot of time to be able to get a clear vision about how to put all these things together.

I have learned everything from head to bottom from website building to SEO (search engine optimization), from Affiliate Marketing to Creating Your Own Digital Product and never regret these years because I  was just following A BIG DREAM and DESIRE, but somehow, things were just not felt right to me, and I got into the point where I had to start my self -development journey.

I never settle for less, I was never happy to consider myself an average person.

Ever since, I have become obsessed about learning and growing in all areas of my life.

My life completely changed and I made it my mission to give back and help others to transform their lives and reach their own potentials beyond the expectations.

If you would like to take the first jump, you can get access to my 7 Steps Plan For Success Here, and let me help you in your own journey.

Was it hard? Damen Yah...  So what?  'No pain - no gain' right? I pushed myself over the limits and I never gave up on my dream. 

I became too hungry and the desire of succeeding in this was burning inside me like hell.

But the good news is: You don't have to get threw the same pain. I will lead you on the right way so you will find success much, much easier and sooner than I did. This is my Mission.

Yes Without Limits

Is my journey to a complete life transformation. 

In order to create and live an extraordinary life, I had to become a new version of ME.

I had to look at all areas of my life. Making changes in life is not about one-off actions, it is about forming new habits to transform your life, so I started by improving my personality and self-confidence.

You can't focus on just one area of your life and expect to achieve an extraordinary life beyond your imagination.

I had to look after my appearance and bring in my daily routine healthy habits. 

Yes Without Limits

Is a project dedicated to all middle-aged women around the world who are looking for some friendly support, inspiration, and access to the best resources that will help them succeed, feel better about themselves, to break down fears and insecurities, to experience the natural happiness, joy, and contentment that we all know lies within us, in all areas of their life.

It is about taking where you are today in your life, and opening up more exciting possibilities and potential so that you can feel your life to the fullest extent, create financial freedom and discover a better version of YOU.

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Everything you will find on my site, I personally researched and apply to my life and in my online business once I was approaching forty years old and I had to deal with the fear of aging.

The limiting beliefs that I am approaching fast to the end of my life, kept me in a dark bubble. 

The only way to transform my social and financial life would be to start fixing my confidence problem first so I created my 3 core areas of life that I had to focus on and those are Mind + Beliefs, Health + Fitness and Wealth.

Once I had this figured out everything else connected and life get better and better.

The overall project is a message from a female perspective who is passionate about living to the highest standards, freely in the knowledge that it is time to chill a little and find beauty in the now.

On this blog, I decided to share my findings in the online business opportunities as well as how you can transform your life at any age no matter the circumstances.

I believe that ANYONE has the ability to create the desired life as long as they make the commitment to master it. 

 My Purpose

My purpose here is to help you avoid mistakes that I personally made on my own journey and point you in the right direction if you decide that this is something you would like to get into it.

For now, I thank you for visiting my site and follow me on my new journey.

Let's build great things together and please let me know how can I help YOU on your new journey. I would love to hear from you all.

Committed to Living Life Without Limits