When I started my online journey, guess what I did?

I was trying to find a “guru” or mentor to show me the ropes.

Sounds familiar?

I still think this is a good way of learning.


By subconsciously I was limiting my own success and increasing the time of reaching the point where I was ready to see myself as an expert by following several “gurus” at the same time.

I was very disappointed to see that no one is sharing all the key secrets and is always a puzzle piece missing from the entire equation and this is for a good reason.

They will always try to up-sell you.

Ok, I can understand that too, this is the type of business at the end. Not a problem.

But by the end of buying all the upgrades they provide you with, you realize that you got a load of information and your brain is messed up because the upgrades are not following the system you started with.

They usually sell you different kinds of tools and software meant to help you scale the business, but they are missing one big thing.


You are only starting your business, you need help to actually get out there and make yourself visible first in order to be able to scale it.

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Go and follow what others are offering.

You end up with a bunch of crap called ”information” and you don't know what to do with it.

Oh yes! I had My Moments Also.

Now I realize this is a general problem for everyone who is looking to start a business online and I would like to believe that I wasn't the only ‘cow in the field‘.

Even if you are not deliberately following a number of gurus, you do so in your actions.

You take advice from various mentors and try to do too many things at the same time, thinking that the more you learn the better you will do.


It is important to learn. It is even more important to understand and realize that unless you take action, you will never make any money, despite the fact that you have a wealth of knowledge.


You have to be lucky enough that, in your desperate researches, to find a real system that takes you off the ground and never lets you fall back.

More than that, you need the ability to recognize the opportunity and go for it.

I can bet; when you started to search for opportunities like” How to make money online” what you found first was to start your own website, write hundreds of articles, and submitted to article directories for better ranking.

Yes, I totally believe that you should start building your business on a strong foundation and this is your own website/blog.

But were you able to answer the following basic questions?

  • Does submitting to a high Google PageRank article directory give my articles more exposure?
  • Does the PageRank of an article directory’s home/index page have any benefits to me?
  • Should I submit the same article to many different article directories?
  • What role does “duplicate content” play in article marketing?
  • What are the three main reasons to submit articles?
  • What are “long-tail keywords? How do I find them and when should I use them?


Do you know anything about article marketing and what is the right way or you are just doing it because you have been told so?

Being a good copywriter is a skill and is not easy.

It takes time to master, but I believe anyone can learn.



They write some articles to get free traffic to their website. They write a sales copy for their website.

However, they do not really understand how to write traffic-generating articles or how to write a good sales copy.

They often have no idea when to use a “long copy” or when a “short copy” is appropriate.


They get very little traffic from the articles they submit and are not able to convert even 1% of the traffic into sales.

This is a typical lose-lose situation.

Even if you do not have a great sales copy, but your article marketing skills are superb you will generate more traffic to your website and will get more sales.

By the same token, if your articles suck, but your copy-writing is very good you may not get a lot of traffic, but your traffic will convert much better, i.e., you will get more sales.

If you want to write articles to get free traffic to your sales website you have to work on becoming an expert in article marketing as well as in copy-writing.

It is not difficult!

The problem is simply that instead of mastering some skills such as article marketing and copy-writing, many marketers try to do everything.

They try to build a website and optimize it for the search engines, write articles, build a Squidoo lens, build a WordPress blog, write a press release, make a video for YouTube, advertise on online classified ad sites, etc., without really knowing what they are doing.


Not as far as I am concerned and you don't have to.

However, you should aim to become an expert in components that are essential to your business and outsource the rest.

I consider the following components essential: (This may not necessarily apply to everyone).


Determining demand and supply.

From my own experience, this is something you have to master yourself. I would never outsource this component.

First of all, not everyone is good at doing research and, secondly, you run a huge risk…

By paying someone to do research for you into viable and profitable online niche markets you run the risk that the person you are paying will use the information to his or her own benefit.

Most successful internet marketers try very hard to protect their niche markets.

The last thing they want is to attract attention to them.


I consider this an essential skill that should be learned sooner or later and I am definitely still learning.


Poor sales copy is not going to sell a lot of products.

In my early days, I was hiring a copywriter, but at some stage, this becomes very expensive, and when you don't have any income coming in, taking out can be very risky and it makes sense to invest some time and money to learn this essential skill.

Ultimately, you'll become your own best copywriter.

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I was thinking: In order to start making money online, you need to create your own ”perfect” product and then spend a lot of time promoting and advertising this product.

Many people work too hard on creating a “perfect” product. They want it to be just right before launching it.


The biggest crap out there will outsell your “perfect” product by at least 100 to 1 if you do not know how to promote and advertise your product.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging you to sell crap products.

It just happened to fall in for the worse ever product out there just because the vendor mastered the skill of promoting and selling.

  • Become an expert in promotion and advertising.
  • Never stop researching – the internet evolves very quickly. What worked well last year may not work well, today.
  • Keep up to date with new and innovative marketing techniques
  •  Stay evergreen.



I am pretty sure, every time you scroll a web page you see Google’s sponsored ads, called Adwords.

It can be a quick way of getting traffic to your website. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and you can expect to receive traffic within 15 minutes of launching your campaign.

The beauty of PPC advertising is that results are nearly immediate. However, you should test new ad variations all the time.

Personally, I am not advising using PPC campaigns when you are just starting online, as it can be very expensive.

But, just for this example, by making a simple change such as changing one word in your headline you may find a drastic improvement in the number of people that click on your ad.

It is worthwhile to manage your own PPC campaigns.

Getting someone else to do it for you makes no sense. It is not difficult to use PPC advertising and you don’t want to contact someone else every time you want to experiment with a new ad format.

It is simply easier, quicker, and more convenient to do it yourself.


Please Note: It is very easy to waste money on unprofitable campaigns. You really need to invest a bit of time and money to learn the “tricks”. Not making a small investment in your education can cost you dearly!

There are hundreds of ways you can promote or advertise your business. Most of them are not that difficult to learn.

Don’t only rely on one or two techniques or methods.

You don’t need to master all techniques, but the more weapons you have in your arsenal the better. However, try new methods one at a time and master a method before moving on to the next method.


The following is not really an essential skill, but a recommended skill to acquire:


These days most new marketers do not require knowledge of HTML before building a website. There are many good software programs on the market that makes building a website nearly as easy as typing a word document.

However, it will save you a lot of time and money if you can at least make some minor adjustments to your website, such as changing a headline, inserting a paragraph, and copy & pasting some HTML code.

It is really easy. Much easier than a lot of people think.

Nonessential components can be bought or outsourced. For example, website graphics, the e-book cover maybe, etc.

And you can outsource them on freelance platforms like Fiverr.

Once you have a basic understanding of an essential internet marketing component, dig deeper until you feel comfortable that you have at least a working knowledge of it.


If you are willing to invest a little bit in your proper education and make sure you get into the right system that makes things easier, provides you with all the necessary tools and training, you get maximum support, and more than anything, you will never have to jump around, I would recommend you this training and get access to a step-by-step execution checklist with done-for-you calendar to follow daily so you can get limitless leads and build an awesome online business today.


I would love to hear from you so if you have something to share, put your story in the comment box down below and let others learn more. Also, please like and share. ?

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Also, read: 9 easy steps to start a blog in 2020 that will actually make you money.