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Today I would like to break into the subject of how to boost low self-esteem and self-confidence, which is a profound theme that affects the quality of the success that we have in our life and also the level of happiness that we achieve in life.

How to Boost Low Self Esteem

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It- Imagine, Believe, Achieve – Walt Disney


Having self- esteem means feeling good about ourselves, it means we feel worthy of happiness, health, love, and forgiveness.

Anything you feel, you have ultimate control over it.

You master your own life when it comes into it if you are in it.

You are not a victim you can do what you want and feel like.

Yes, there are difficult situations in life, but no matter, In the end, you can arrange it.

When we learn how to improve our low self-esteem and self-confidence we also learn how to really love and respect ourselves.

Only and only then WE CAN rich that supreme moment when we get tight connected to our extraordinary personal power.

This means linking who we are and recognizing the importance of believing that we deserve to be happy in our lives.

It means letting ourselves off the hook for the things that we have done in the past that we feel bad about it and allowing ourselves to start with a clean slate… TODAY.

Then, and only then, we can DANCE WITH LIFE!

Are You Someone Who Allows Other People to Give You Value?

We're talking about how you see yourself, how you value yourself.

For me, once I stopped letting other people give me a self-evaluation, low self-esteem was never an issue again.

Most of us in society, don't accept ourselves. We wait for other people to accept us before we actually say, okay, well I'm good enough.


You are good enough way before that person told you-you were good enough.

You have to understand that, you are the most valuable thing in life.

How Can We Begin to Accept Ourselves?

Well, it all comes when:

  • You stop comparing yourself to other people;
  • When you start appreciating what you have;
  • When you start seeing what is going right in your life as opposed to what is falling apart.

Understanding how to boost your low self- esteem is the most important tool for any kind of inner contentment, happiness or success in life.

When our self- esteem is low, we feel frightened and vulnerable, and we are open to life challenges as they breeze in and easily knock us over, stealing from us the precious joy of our existence on this planet.

If we don't like who we are, if we allow others to walk all over us, and if we feel self- critical and put ourselves down regularly, the impact on our lives can result in a lot of pain and mental anguish which will ultimately manifest itself in low self-esteem.


You are never too young to lead, nor too old to act. And you should never doubt your capacity to triumph where others have not.

~ Kofi Annan ~

To achieve a high level of self – esteem can take a lot of hard work.

I will reveal to you four very important steps on how to get a handle on managing your self-esteem levels, to enable you to make positive changes and feel so much better about yourself.

All you have to do is to be willing and open to the concepts I am about to share with you.


1. Be Aware of Your Thoughts

All our thoughts have consequences. Every thought you think, even now, as a consequence.

It's crucial that we become aware of the destructive thoughts that we have about ourselves.

These are the thoughts that are running around in our heads every time we go to do something or every time we open our mouths in front of others to say something.

Where your thoughts are, your energy goes.

This looks like a little chatterbox that comments on everything that you do. The way this chatterbox works is that whatever it says to you will dictate your feelings and emotions, so the first thing that we have to do is to be aware of the commands that we are giving ourselves on a daily basis.

The Mind Acts to Match Our Thoughts.

The strongest force in the human personality is the need to remain consistent in how we define ourselves.

In other words, our body responds to the pictures you are making in your mind, and it constantly works to meet the picture.

Our subconscious mind has little capacity to reason and it, therefore, believes whatever you tell it.

The subconscious mind has no sense of humor, so let's imagine that you must attend to an unexpected event, you go to your closet, you put on an outfit that came first in your hand, you look in the mirror and say: ”I look ancient in this.”

Perhaps you are saying it as a joke just to yourself about getting older, perhaps you are laughing with your friends, perhaps you are hoping one of them will reassure you and say you look great.

They probably will, but you know what? It's too late, your mind is already accepting what you say because that is what it is set up and designed to do.

Now your mind will create a picture of the thought ‘ancient', which it will probably see as something very old and fragile, and not at all the image you want for yourself. Your mind will work now to match the picture and physically feel in a way that mirrors the picture of the word ‘ancient'.

I can tell for sure, you can't possibly want to see yourself as ancient, so you must stop thinking those thoughts and using those words.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you lose your sense of humor. In fact, laughing is one of the best treatments in the world, and it makes you feel young, so do laugh at the jokes, but do not even for a moment believe what they say and do not relate them to yourself.

2. Replace a Negative Thought with a Positive One

If  you read any of my other articles, you heard me a lot about changing your thoughts, so you must think:

Yes, right. I get that. But how do I stop thinking, since it is instant?

I promise, it will get easier, and you can assist this by dismissing every negative thought you have about the financial situation, health, etc. And replace it with a new one instead.

Your thoughts belong to you. Why would you keep them if you don't want them?

But in the same way, your thoughts are yours TO CHANGE.

What we see become, and what we think about all the time we become, so think about being young and you will be younger, think about success and you will be successful.

It sounds almost too simple, doesn't it?

The key is the consistency of true believing.

The power of thought may be simple, but the thoughts themselves are enormously powerful and effective.

So, to move on in our lives, we need to change our limiting destructive dialogue and form some positive supporting one.

To do this we use a tool called affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat over and over again to reprogram your mindset and belief structures.

They focus on your deep inner truths and beliefs and they also consolidate all your positive beliefs.

If you don't like yourself or your life, the chances are that your life will be miserable.

Here are some positive affirmations that I use myself:

  • I accept myself.
  • I respect my body.
  • I understand and pay attention to my own emotions and fools.
  • I deserve to love and respect myself and to honor my creative yearnings.
  • I cannot control other's opinions and actions I can only control how I choose to react.
  • I can have imperfections and still love myself there is beauty in my imperfections.
  • I compare myself only to my highest self.
  • I feel sexy in my new clothes.
  • I now energize my body with healthy food and exciting exercise.
  • I am an inspiring mother to my girls and they love the new me.
  • I let go of any past hurt whether conscious or accidental.
  • I forgive others to free myself.
  • I have the courage to face these decisions to take responsibility to create the best life to be the best person.
  • I have reached forty. The door is now open for my fantastic new future. Yeeees!.
  • I am so attractive and I now honor my femininity by spending time on my new look.
  • I am open to trying new things, this is my precious life and I am going to leave it to the full.
  • People admire me for making life changes and I inspire others to do the same.
  • I have a unique gift to give this world.

Confidence and self-esteem can be achievable for anyone who is prepared to put in the hard work to find them.

I remember to give myself time to rest, to learn as well as go for goals, aligning 100% of my mind to unlock my life potential to break down the artificial walls of limiting self-beliefs, to be uniquely me to allow myself to be fully seen.

3. Learn to Be Gentle with Yourself.

How to boost low self-esteemThe stress, pressure, and pain of being self-critical can often make us feel like a spring that is tight and tense, or we just feel empty and listless.

However, to commit to a program of recovering your self-esteem and your self-confidence, you really need to take some time out and do a bit of what you love!


What I've learned along my journey is that whenever you are so hard on yourself it means you are being way too serious about.

And what makes you so serious, it's the word called expectation, and where there is an expectation is always stress, which means you are always going to be so hard on you because you are trying too hard to meet your expectations.

I Used to Have This Expectation Every Single Day.

I was like: Juliana, you got to be perfect, you got to have your whole life figured out, but then I realized, wait a minute, this is absurd because life is a mixed bag, sometimes they're great day sometimes days are crap, right?

You have to find your way every single day to allow yourself to sit with whatever you are feeling right now.

There's a great proverb that says: ‘When there is no enemy inside, the enemy outside can't hurt you.

I was very hard on myself in the past, but I realized it was because I was my own worst enemy and if the enemy is inside, you'll only be harder on yourself, if the friend is inside you'll only let yourself off.

You'll start to realize that mistakes are part of the journey, they are only stepping stones to help you become your greatest version.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. ~ Steve Jobs ~

4. Stop Comparing Your Life to Other's Life.

You see, a comparison unless it's used for inspiration, it's of no use.

You stop being so hard on yourself when you stop competing and you start collaborating and you start uniting, that's the beautiful way to go about it.

You got to stop comparing yourself to other people this is your life, and the more you do that the more you start to appreciate other people and you're becoming so relaxed about it, so comfortable with who you are because you've got nobody to compare with except who you were yesterday.

A couple of years ago, the reason why I was so hard on myself was that I couldn't forgive myself for my past accidents and mistakes. I was carrying a lot of quilts and anger so I was turning into a demon headmaster.

Well, What's Happening Right Now?

I learn to turn myself into somebody who's rooting for myself all the time and understanding that I have no failures or mistakes in my reality because anything I do is part of a process.


Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can, and once you realize that, you will find yourself  saying: ”Feels So Good To Be A Life!

I would like to hear about your life experience. Share your story and help others in improving their life.


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How to Boost Low Self Esteem


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Boost Low Self Esteem


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