WordPress is a very well known website creation tool and a content management system. You can use it to build your websites/blog with minimal effort and basic computer knowledge. If you need to learn how to build a blog the right way, I have a full tutorial easy to follow here.

In this article, I will cover all of the main questions related to WordPress and all of the issues that a beginner may face while starting up with WordPress.

If you are like me and have years of experience online, this might look silly to you, but as I'm teaching others to build a blog, I realized that complete beginners feel lost when I get through the steps.

So, this is just a small help if you're new to this, and you have a desire to learn and do things all by yourself.

Here you go!

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      What Is the Cost of WordPress?

WordPress is available to bloggers in two forms: a hosted version that you get for free at WordPress.com, and a self-hosted version at WordPress.org that you must install on a separate web host

The free service, WordPress.com, is mainly for personal or non-profit blogs.

The self-hosted version is for those who want to use their blogs for commercial purposes (to make money with).


A WordPress installer comes with a web hosting service as standard equipment. 

You have to buy the hosting for using WordPress if you intend to make money with your blog, and I believe you do so.

 A hosting and a domain name is necessary for creating an income-generating WordPress website.

 You can buy hosting from any platform for as little as $3/month and as expensive as $60 to $100. You can choose it according to your preferences. 

My best recommendation to start on the right foot is GreenGeeks web hosting, but if you like to see other options I recommend, please check my tools of the trade here.

     How Can I Install WordPress?

When you buy the hosting plan, you will have given the username and password for using it to access your account.

Log in to the Control Panel (CP) of your hosting. If you decide to purchase your Hosting with GreenGeeks, you'll be able to access your CP very easy, inside your account dashboard.


Inside the Control Panel, if you scroll down the page, you'll see ”Softalulous Apps Installer”. You will see an option for choosing WordPress.


Start a blog

Click on it and complete the installation process.

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     Is WordPress Available in My Language?

WordPress is available in 169 languages around the world. So there is a high chance that WordPress is available in your language as well.

 However, you can check the WordPress language by visiting the WordPress polyglot's page. 

You can choose your site language directly from your WP dashboard. 

Go to Settings > General > Site Language.

Select your desire language and save settings.

     How Can I Check the Version of My WordPress?

To check the WordPress version that you are using, login to your WordPress site, click on Dashboard, scroll down, and see the bottom right side of your page for your updated WP version.

     How Can I Import Posts from Other Platforms to WordPress?

You will be excited to know that you can import your old content to WordPress. 

The best thing is that this process is straight forward and easy. 

You can do this by visiting the Tools option in your WordPress site dashboard and click on the Import option. 

You'll see a list with different systems/platforms you can import from.

Click the Install Now link assigned to the platform you need to import from, click ”Run Importer.” and follow the instructions.

     How Can I Install a WordPress Theme?

You can add any type of theme to WordPress, depending on your website and your choice. 

To add a theme to your WordPress site, click the ‘Appearance' Tab > Themes > Add New.

See my guide on how to start a blog for my theme recommendations.

     How Can I Install a WordPress Plugin?

Plugins are another name for functions. 

WordPress allows its users to perform almost any activity or function using their WordPress site. 

For installing a WordPress plugin, you have to visit the Dashboard and then click on the Plugins.

There you can search/ upload any new plugin. Ensure you only install necessary plugins on your WordPress site to avoid things like slow speed or site crashing. 

     How Can I Remove the Error While Adding a Theme on WordPress?

Sometimes when you are trying to install a new theme on your WordPress site, you will get an error named “missing style sheet.”

If you get this error message, you are trying to install a wrong theme file in most cases.

For removing this error, make sure you are installing an installable updated WordPress theme.

Usually, when you purchase a WordPress theme, you'll get access to a full zip file containing your theme license, documentation (complete guide on how to install and set up your theme), and your theme file.

Make sure you first unzip that file and extract only your theme, which is also in a zip format.

This is the one you'll need to upload and activate on your WordPress.

     How Can I Edit the Menu on WordPress?

Menus on WordPress are responsible for holding many things like links to your site's pages, categories, and posts.

For editing a menu on WordPress, go to Appearance>Menus, on your WP dashboard.

On the menus tab, you will have the option to create and edit your menu.

To create your menu, you'll need to make sure you've already got your pages and blog categories.

Once you have created your menu tab, assign the location where you want to be visible on your site.

As soon as you're happy with all the changes you made, don't forget to hit the saving button.

     What Is a Blog Post Category?

WordPress is offering a section named blog post category.

In this category of WordPress, you can group different posts on your WordPress blog.

For example, if I have a sport-related blog, I will add categories like fitness, workouts, supplements, outfits, etc.

Then, when I write a blog post related to one of those categories, I will assign it to that category in the blog editing section.

To assign a blog post to a specific category, you need to pre-define your group's first.

To do so, go to the Posts tab on your WP dashboard and choose ‘categories,'

Name your category as you wish, and click save.

Now every time you write a blog post, you'll see the category on the right sidebar.

Tick on that specific category and save your blog post.

     How Can I Create a New Post on WordPress?

You can add any number of posts on WordPress.

 For adding a new post on your site, you have to visit the Posts option in the navigation bar. 

There are two ways you can use to add a new post to your blog.

  • Use the navigation box on the left-hand side of your WordPress dashboard by going to ”Posts” – hover over it and click ”Add New”;
  • Or, use the top bar – hover over ”New” and click on ”Post.”

Add your title, pick your future image, and start writing.

Hit the publishing button and let the world know you've just created something that can't be missed.

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     How Can I Change My Password on WordPress?

If you want to change your admin login password, it is necessary to login to your account and click on your username in the toolbar right-hand top corner.

After that, scroll down to the page bottom, and click on “Reset your Password” for changing it.

     How Can I Add a New Featured Image on WordPress?

To add a featured image on your WordPress as you write a new post, go to the Featured image link on the right-sidebar.

It will open your media library so that you can select/upload your desired image.

This is the image displayed on your home blog page. Always remember to click Save Draft or Update your work.


     How Can I Insert Videos or Audios on WordPress?

You can add your video or audio files in two ways using WordPress.

  • The first method is to copy and paste your video or audio file link directly into the post content while you are in the editing mode; 
  • The second method of adding an audio or video file is to add it to your media files by going to Media>Library.

Supported audio/video formats include M4a, MP4, OGG, WebM, FLV, MP3, and WAV files.

     How Can I Create a New Page on WordPress?

For adding a new page, click on the Pages option in the dashboard and click on the “add new.” 

For must-have pages on your blog, check my guide here.

     How Can I Add Google Analytics to WordPress?

Google Analytics will keep you aware of your site analytics, where you can see how your site performs.

You can see how many websites visits you have daily, where your visitors come from, and so on.

You can add it to WordPress using a plugin. 

There are quite a few plugins for this, but I use Monsterinsights because of the great functions it offers.

You can find a full setup tutorial here.

Another cool free plugin I recently discovered is Koko Analytics. I've just installed it on one of my test sites and it works really nice. If you click on the ”View all statistics” link, you'll be able to see all your stats and where your site traffic is coming from.

Just go to the ”Add New Plugins” tab and enter Koko Analytics in the search bar, click install and activate it.

Now every time you access your WordPress dashboard, you'll have your stats on the right-hand side of the page. I think you will like it.

     What Is the Difference Between a Page and a Post?

Pages are static content on your WordPress site, for example, an about page or a contact page.

On the other hand, posts are not static content, and you add posts on the pages that you have already created. 

Posts are the super awesome articles you write to provide valuable content to your readers. 

Your last published blog post will show up always on the top of your blog page, as the first one visible when you access your blog.

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     How Can I Add Internal Links to WordPress?

Using internal links on your blog makes your reader spend more time on the site, and this is an excellent method to improve the SEO of your website. 

Highlight the text you want to add the internal link to in your blog content, then go to the link icon on the toolbar.

This will open up a box. Paste your link and click on apply (the blue arrow).

If you want your link to open on a new page, click on the option (cog icon) select ‘open link in a new tab', and save.

I always use the ‘open in a new tab' option because I want to make it easier for my readers to get back to the previous visiting page.

     How Can I Set Up My Home Page?

Every website has a home page, which is an essential part of it.

You can set up a home page on your WordPress site by visiting the dashboard settings option and then click on the ‘reading' option. 

There you can select a page as your WordPress home page.  

If you run a blog, you might want to set the home page as your last post.

Otherwise, you can choose a static page of your choice. This can be the ”about me” page, or you can have a specific home page.

This is going to be the first page a visitor will see when lands on your website.

     How Can I Add a Contact Page on WordPress?

WordPress gives you the option to add a contact page on your site, and I recommend having one on your site.

Some of the WordPress themes have already integrated a contact page for you.

If you don't have it, you can quickly do this using a free WP plugin called Contact7.

Again, to see the setup process, I also address it in my blog tutorial here.

     How Can I Change Google Fonts on WordPress?

WordPress is allowing its users to use any customized fonts, including Google fonts. 

You can add Google fonts on your WordPress site by clicking the Appearance tab > Customize.

Depending on the theme you're using, you'll see the fonts options tab.

For example, I am using Smart Theme when I was writing this post, I was using OptimizePress, which makes customization tasks easy. In the meantime, I changed my blog theme.

So: I'll go to Appearance > Theme Options.

I'll go to the Styling tab and choose my desired fonts for the whole site: Title and Tagline Styles > Content Style Font > H1, H2, H3, etc.

If you use a different theme, here I have another example:

Go to Appearance > Customize.

On the left side navigation bar, you can see all your site options. 

Go to Fonts Options and make the desire changes.

The same you do if you want to change the colors on your site.

     How Can I Customize a Page on WordPress?

To customize a page on WP, you'll need a page builder plugin that allows you to choose a custom layout of your WordPress page. 

OptimizePress is one of the most affordable multifunctional page builder.

I use it for all my opt-ins and personalized pages.

But if you just want a free option, you can choose Elementor or Page Builder by Site Origin.

I found the second one easier to use but you can experience and see what best suits your needs.

They both come with a PRO paid version of course as the free option is limited in functions but for a starting point, I would say you will be fine with any of them.

     How Can I Improve My Site Seo?

Your website will get SEO optimized if it has XML sitemaps, social links, meta descriptions, and related keywords.

You can have this done by installing a plugin.

 I used Yoast SEO for a long time on my site, and recently switched to Rank Math SEO.

One of the reasons for using Rank Math is that it allows me to add more keywords options to my blog posts for better ranking.

As you edit your blog post, you would see how well your article will perform in search engines. For a basic SEO, you will have to add your keywords inside the article, internal and external links, the featured image having the alt text including your main keyword, add a meta of your blog and make sure any image inside your post also has an alt text where you add your keyword.

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     How Can I Speed Up My WordPress Site?

Slow website loading has a terrible impact on the users of the site.

Many people will stop visiting your site if it takes too long to load, and Google won't be happy.

There are a few ways to make your site loading fast.

  1. The main responsible factor for your site speed is your hosting provider.
  2. You can speed up the loading of your WordPress site by using a caching plugin like WP Rocket
  3. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network), a worldwide network of servers that enables you to duplicate your site content and let visitors land on your pages from a server closer to their location. For example, I'm in Ireland, so visitors from the USA might wait longer for my site pages to load than someone from the UK.
  4.  Optimize your site images.
  • Use only JPEG or PNG format
  • Crop and resize your images where possible.
  • Compress


I use Canva.com to create all my site graphics and social media templates.

Now, you can use the FREE version of Canva and still benefit from it a lot, but with Canva for business, one of the futures I like is that I can compress my images inside the software and upload them on my site already compressed, have access to premium stock images, remove background pictures, and more.

     Will My WordPress Site Slows Down Once I Install Many Different Plugins?

We have to admit that plugins are fun, but we have to use them wisely.

Unfortunately, using too many unnecessary plugins can cause different problems to your sites like site slowdown, security holes, or site crash. 

If this ever happens, don't worry. 

You can remove the plugin that is causing the issue inside your Control Panel by opening up your ‘File Manager.'

If you're not familiar with this function, then your web hosting support desk will be able to fix the problem for you.

If you sign up with GreenGeeks, you'll have full support with live chat open 24/7. Once you submit a support request, you get connected within 30 seconds. 

     How Can I Secure My WordPress Website?

You can secure your WordPress site by using a strong password, taking regular backups (GreenGeeks updates your site weekly), and make sure your plugins and themes are all updated.

While GreenGeeks back up your site regularly, it is advisable to use a free plugin like UpdraftPlus, take regular backups of your website yourself, and upload them on your local machine.

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     Can I Earn Money Using My WordPress Site?


There are different ways of earning an income using a WordPress site, like advertising, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce stores.

Again, I put down a few ways of making money with your blog in my step-by-step tutorial here.

     How to Add Affiliate Links on WordPress?

There are some great tools to help you get the most from your affiliate links – many of which are plugins. 

  • ThirstyAffiliates is a cool plugin that helps you insert your affiliate links to your site/blog, and also, you can then organize and manage them nicely.
  • Pretty Links is another coll plugin that I use. It offers the same kind of futures, and I like using it to optimize my affiliate links and make them look pretty.

      Are There Any Special Rules for Adding Affiliate Links on WordPress for Earning?

No advertising restrictions exist for self-hosted blogs; you can do what you want as long as it is within your web host's terms of service.

Running a self-hosted blog gives you full control over your blog. Again, you must pay for Web hosting to enjoy all blogging benefits and make money from your hard work. None of the free hosting platforms like Wix or Weebly will offer you the flexibility you need to grow your business and make money with it.

So, make yourself a favor and start your business on the right hosting platform from the beginning. GreenGeek is one of the top hosting providers, and you should check them out here.

While there is still much to learn about WordPress, I hope to have cleared out the basics of beginner queries to start working on your blog with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

Don't forget that if you purchase any services via my links, you can get in touch, and I will help you with anything you need to set up your blog the right way without hassle.

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As there is a lot more to learn about blogging and WordPress, I hope this will give you a good start-up.


It is great fun actually, and you'll end up loving it.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate and shoot me a message or leave a comment down below.

I would love to help.

Also, read: 9 easy steps to start a blog in 2020 that will actually make you money.

Also, read: why starting a blog is the best idea for an online business?



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