Are you going through a phase where every day feels like Monday?

Your alarm rings every morning, and you keep on hitting the snooze button?

You don't feel like doing anything?

I know this feeling!

I've realized from the rough phases of my life that our negative experiences greatly influence our decision-making skills resulting in a lack of productivity and creativity.

Yes, it's hard to escape the negative thought patterns and develop a mental shift to get on the track of happier and contented life but not impossible.

The human brain is fantastic.

It has a great potential to break the negative feedback loop and unlock the tremendous power of positive thinking.

You need to stay focus and a little training to reset your brain connections toward the positive.

Let's dive into some fresh ways to rewire your brain and live a happier life.


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      #1- Stop Negative Self-Talk

Your brain is a pattern-oriented machine.

It recognizes patterns you perform daily and start forming rules according to them.

When you always talk negatively about yourself, your brain starts developing a cycle of distrust, low confidence, and hesitation.

It's impossible to stay positive when you are continually feeding negativity to your brain.

The first step to rewire your brain is to let all the negativity go.

Every time you get caught in negative thoughts, break the pattern by challenging those thoughts' validity.

Take a conscious approach to direct your mind toward positive and focus on thoughts that make you happy.


     #2- Practice Gratitude

To retrain your mind to be more positive, you'll have to bring more positivity to your life.

You can do this by being present in the moment and practicing mindfulness.

Make a habit of talking about your blessings every day.

Reflect and be thankful for your present blessings instead of dwelling on your past regrets or misfortunes.

When you develop a habit of identifying your blessings, you teach your subconscious mind to find good in bad situations.

Mind Machine

     #3- Set Goals Every Single Day

Create a to-do list every day and write some realistic goals like going to the gym, waking up early, eating healthy, or doing meditation.

Make these goals non-negotiable and try to achieve them in every possible case.

Staying committed to your goals helps your brain to engage in practical activities instead of indulging in negativity.

Besides that, setting goals every day gives your life a purpose.

The joy and satisfaction you get after you have achieved a goal keep you in the right direction.

     #4- Start Positive Journaling

One of the best methods to rewire your brain to be happy is to start writing about things you are grateful for.

Find a journal or book and write about five good things that happened today.

You can find great planners and journals here.

Don't repeat your list and try to write new things every day.

From experience, in about one month, you will see a visible difference in your life approach.

It's a fantastic experience. Don't miss it out.

Meditation Relaxation

     #5- Do Random Acts of Kindness

When you engage yourself in random acts of kindness, and you're kind to others, you boost your happiness.

Making other people smile and helping them with your little acts can put an end to your negativity.

For instance, acts like paying for someone's coffee, helping your neighbors on their lawn, writing a thank you note at a restaurant, and saying a few kind words to your colleague are an instant shot of happiness.

When you feel happy, your mind channels those positive feelings to develop a definite thought pattern.

     #6- Find Your Flow

Productivity lies in your ability to get fully engaged in the challenge at hand.

Now and then, unplug yourself from the world.

Be in the zone, and get completely absorbed by whatever you are doing.

In this way, you utilize your thoughts and demonstrate your skills at the same time.

Every action, every thought, and every moment links to the previous one, and you forget about time while using your skills to the best.

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     #7- Enable Feelings to Settle Before Starting

Each feeling has its season, so be patient as you feel the pain of a challenging experience that you are going through.

Most of the time, when our emotions are raw, we try to force a change so we don't feel so awful.

When we do this, and the plan is not working the way we want, we may give up hope.

Sometimes we have to sit in the torment of our circumstance for a bit and let the feeling die down before the space for healing can be created.

Quiet Your Mind With The Kasina

      #8- Look for Future Help If Things Don't Work

If you feel that you have worked through exercises, done the necessary affirmations, practiced repeatedly, and still found that you can't move on after a few months, then my advice is to seek professional help.

We all deserve a chance to find meaning in life without struggle.

It's astonishing how removing our emotional blocks can influence us to feel so extraordinary.

     #9- Spring-Clean Your Life and Your Mind

Clearing out leaves up space in our lives to move forward.

When we tidy up our homes and workplaces, we make space to move around effectively. We may discover that our life's procedure has greater fluidity.

The same is when our spirits are stopped up by thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have stayed with us from the past.

 Those thoughts and experiences weigh us down like a lead balloon, and it can be challenging to move forward with ease.

Often our inward world is reflected by our external world.

  • What is your home, pantry, auto, storage room, work area, look like?
  • Do you have to do some clearing out to make space for the new?

Chuck out what you don't need and START to spring-clean your LIFE.


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Whatever you accomplish in the following ten years will be the consequence of what you do now.


As you will keep going to do what you typically do, you'll get a higher amount of what you've received so far.

But you can decide and create the life you dream of and desire.

Also, read: 9 easy steps to start a blog in 2020 that will actually make you money.



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