If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Those are some of the books I believe every entrepreneur and aspiring millionaire must-read.

I m going to share with you ten books that have had a tremendous impact on my life and how I think about business.

Depending on your circumstances, I hope they have the same impact on you.

I read many books, and I don't just read books; I actually use books because knowledge is not power, but applying it is power.

Leaders are readers, and readers are leaders.

You have to learn more every day to become a better one.

When you're reading a book, the best way to get the most out of it is to highlight important information, make comments on the side, ponder some of the new ideas you get from the book and then implement what you've learned.

That's what I am doing.

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By W. Clement Stone 


One of the key things that I picked up from this particular book is your environment's importance.

You will learn how to structure your environment that actually supports you, not working against you but working for you.

This is not about your physical environment, but also who you surround yourself with, the people around you.

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By Lama Anagarika Govinda

This book is a spiritual autobiography that renders the incredible journey of Lama Anikarica Govinda through Tibet during the Chinese invasion.

And it helped me shape my beliefs and philosophy. It also upgraded my spiritual self to a whole new level.

There's a good chance that reading this book might do the same for you.

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By Robert T. Kiyosaki


There are big chances you've already heard of this book, or you've already read it.

This book is teaching you about the difference between an asset and a liability.

An asset is an investment that brings money into your wallet, and liability is everything else that takes out from your wallet.

To get the full picture right, an asset feeds you, and a liability is something that eats you.

Poor people have many expenses, and the middle class buys liabilities, thinking that they are assets.

This book will teach you the concept of creating or acquiring assets that produce revenue, and then you have to use that revenue to fund your ideal lifestyle.

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     #4- THE GO-GIVER

By Bob Burg & John David Mann

This is an inspiring story.

This book is all about giving and helps change your mindset from being a taker.

This book made me realize that I have to give away first in order to accomplish my goals.

Helping others accomplish their goals without any expectations and meaning intentions will come back to you.

Often, the path to reaching your goal is totally unexpected, and this will come as a result of helping other people.

After reading this book:

  • You'll feel empowered.
  • You can't help but feel changed after reading it.
  • You want to go and make the world a better place.

It's an uplifting, positive, awesome story.

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By James Arthur Ray

This is one of the books that profoundly impacted the foundations or pillars that I built my own financial planning and practice.

In this book, James Arthur Ray talks not just about money. Having great health in your relationships, great intellectual stimulation in your life and spiritual connections is directly linked with great financial abundance.

You will also learn more about our positive thoughts, feelings, and actions, which I always talk about in my blog posts.

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By David Bach

In this book, David Bach clarifies why you don't need to be rich to live rich.

David brings out some of the keys to financial freedom and why you don't need fancy techniques, and how, in some way, we are actually richer than we may think.

Some of David's principles, you could apply in your life by just making a few tweaks in your finances and some of your day-to-day habits to see amazing results.

Overall, I love this book, and I think it is something you could learn from.

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By Napoleon Hill

This book is absolutely awesome, and I think it is supposed to be on the top of my list.

The main idea is that thoughts are things (again, I mention a lot in my posts).

There's a lot of belief in this book like whatever you have in your mind, whatever you want to create, whatever business you want to start, it's all possible.

It's all possible if you believe in yourself, and it gives you the exact right steps to do it.

It'll help build your confidence.

It'll help you believe in yourself and make you ready to go out and do something greater than you that will give you the confidence and courage to start or to continue with faith, motivation, and inspiration to keep going when you may be up against the wall, and you do not see any progress.

Totally recommended for an insignificant price.

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By Karim H. Ismail

This is another fantastic book. The author came from a successful business, but he was overworked, causing problems for his family and health.

He gives the blueprint of how he changed around everything and replanted his life into two sections.

The first section is about stories of people and how they've changed their life. Still, the second part is actually why I recommend it, and this is because of the exercises you can implement in changing your financial situation and personal life.

I truly believe that they are fantastic practices.

Totally, totally recommended specifically for the life blueprint workbook.

I guarantee will change your business and your personal life as it had a massive impact on me and my life.

It's the secret gem for entrepreneurs.

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by Paramahansa Yogananda 

The book is an introduction into the ancient science of yoga, and it's a time-honored tradition of meditation, told through the story of Paramahansa Yogananda.

This book can be your journey to self-realization.

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By George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

This spiritual quest will make you understand that people generally live their lives asleep, not knowing themselves.

It will give you a remarkable sense of what it truly means to live to the fullest with a conscience, with purpose, and with heart.

Find it on Amazon.

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While those are only the first ten books I recommend reading for achieving success and fulfillment, I can't just get limited to them, so here are more super amazing books you should have a look at.



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