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I faced some big questions and daunting struggles. No one would have guessed it:

I hide my worries very well. People know me as a strong, successful, independent woman. But something was off and I felt alone in my questions:

  • Why do people around me seem to be thriving when I'm so overwhelmed?
  • Why do I feel like I'm wasting my time and life seems like a prison to me?
  • What is Happiness feeling like?
  • Is this really the life I deserve?

Am I The Only One Asking This Question?!!

7 Things Learned On My New Life after 40

Looking around, it seemed, other had answers I simply couldn't find.

Watching them, it seemed, everyone was doing great, achieving the success and living the life they desire – at least that's what they were showing to me.

I was wondering what I was missing. Because my life was a total mess:

  • I lost an established business after 8 years of hard work;
  • I had thousands in credits and loans;
  • I became chronically depressed; my health was a big concern;
  • My marriage became a question mark.


Life wasn’t very generous to me, ever since I know myself. I had to face big challenges and a lot of disappointments. I felt alone and helpless but I smiled all along and pretended everything is just great and I am where I want to be in life.

The life I was living wasn't ‘My Life'.


New Life After 40


I just knew that this is not what I was born for. I felt incomplete.

Something inside told me there is a way, so I start looking for answers.

  • I opened my mind and challenged my assumptions.
  • I read voraciously, took classes, attending live events, and explored every path I could to learn how others answered life's tough questions about meaning, purpose, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • I looked to philosophy, modern and timeless wisdom, and science.
  • I studied religion and I explored real-life stories and tried to increase my self-expression and self-care.


Everything you will find on this site, I started to research, when I was approaching 40 and I looked for different opportunities and ways of new living.


This was the time when I find out, I can make a living online and I knew nothing about it. I start learning about this industry and this is where things get very exciting.


I was also trying to understand the meaning of my life up to this age and how to cope with midlife crises, when I had to face another fear: THE AGING PROCESS.


My biggest challenge in starting an online business and completely changing the way I was living, was my age.


I had the limited belief that I get at the point when everything is too late for me. I had to find a way to get out of this misconception and trust myself again.



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1. What Is Aging?

Aging is the sum of the processes that lead us to wind up old, taking on the characteristics of our elders. While aging is often considered synonymous with the decline or loss, we often overlook the positive aspects of aging, but believe it or not, they do exist.


Aging can alter the onset, manifestation, and severity of almost any disease. Yet most people achieve ‘old age' without evidence of the diseases associated with aging.


As with any major decisions in our lives, a journey to slow the aging process means taking control and having our eyes wide open to what happens if we DO certain things or if we DON'T do those things.

2. When We Are Old…

There will be positives and negatives. We will have losses and gains, compensations and vulnerability. We also may face diseases. BUT, like most experiences, we shouldn't let ourselves be taken along for the ride.


Aging is something we have some control over. Quality is something we create, is the manifestation of the many choices we make.


Today I learned to live with more intensity and desire than I was doing it at 20 years of age and I believe, everyone deserves to live life to its fullest so I decided to share with you my findings.


If I get you to the point where you start thinking outside the boundaries of your current existence and question the way you live and the decisions you make each and every day, then my mission is successfully completed so feel free to place comments and suggestions in the comment box below to help others live a happier and healthier life.


I have the confidence that you will find in my presentations, elements that will make you smile, others will fire up your passion and determination and give you that strong kick you need in order to take action, now.

3. The Science Of Aging

There is no longer the stuff of science fiction that we can really slow down aging and we all have access to the strategies we need to condition ourselves and absolutely allow ourselves to look and feel younger, both physically and mentally.


We all need to know that aging is much more of a choice than we have been led to believe. Normal aging has never been defined, so what we think of as normal aging is nothing more than abnormal conditioning.


There is so much new information available that will help you if you want to age more beautifully and slowly.


I LOVE LIFE, and I want to live as long as possible while enjoying a Great Quality Life and I hope you will make this happen for you too.

4.  Secret Keys To My Happiness

  •  Discover & Understand The Power Of My Mind
  •  Learn To Love Myself More Than Anyone or Anything Else (no confusion here, not being selfish).

Today are many things you can do to reverse and delay aging, there is, however, an anti-aging product available to you that is free, absolutely safe and foolproof; it is easy to use and fun, and gets fast and lasting results: Your Mind.


Your mind and your ability to change your thinking about aging and anything around you, can and will make you younger and create your desired life.


Learning some Technics in how to use your mind and thinking will allow you to look younger than your years and you will learn how to stay mentally sharp into your eighties, with a good memory.


If you are wondering, what aging has to do with internet marketing, well, this is my story and I will answer shortly: EVERYTHING.


You see, the only thing that kept me away from achieving the results I was looking for in my new online business, was no one else than my own mind and thinkings of my age:, ”I am too old for this. I am too old to start looking for new ways of better living. I have no much time left to enjoy real-life pleasures”.


This is exactly what was going on in my mind.

Even I was enjoying every new discovery in internet marketing and I felt I can actually do this, something deep there kept me behind. I just couldn't raise.

5. The Most Important Business Tool

What I learned on my journey if you want to change anything in your life and around you the most important tool for use is the Mind.


No matter how much you will try to learn in this industry, what expensive training you will purchase, how much money you will spend on mentoring if you don't get your mindset in place, I am sorry to disappoint you, You Will Never Make It!


I am a strong believer in the power of our minds.

Anything you are looking to change or improve in your life, point you in the way you are thinking.

6. Getting To Know My Brain

When I first learn about the brain, something clicked. I sow patterns across the different paths to Happiness and even in my own experiences, I saw a new light.


Now, the more I learn, the clearer those answers became.


As I learn how to work with my brain – and studied its role in shaping our life experiences – I'm happier, more energized, more curious, focused and confident, beyond what I would be imagined a few years back.


Scientists have irrefutable evidence that we can all boost our immune system just by thinking about them in a particular way.


You can boost your health and slow down aging just by thinking of it in a more positive way. Of course, you need to be aware and take into consideration all other tools available like the food we eat, the environment we live in and the products we use for our grooming and care.


We don't have to age at our current rate. Don't accept decline as inevitable. We have a choice.


Whether you are thirty, forty, seventy or eighty, you can do yourself the world a favor if you follow a few simple steps:

  • Be aware of and engage in the aging process;
  • Strategically plan and target appropriate goals;
  • Keep active physically to improve and maintain your body fitness;
  • Keep active mentally;
  • Accent the positive and eliminate the negative;
  • Stay involved and use your experiences to help others;
  • Make choices that are sustainable in the long-term;
  • Don't be exclusive, complex problems require complex solutions;
  • Love yourself: Eat well and Care for your health and your appearance.

7. Why Training My Mind?

  • To enjoy life for longer;
  • To increase our satisfaction in day-to-day life;
  • To enjoy a deeper experience of life as we worry less about our ‘limited' time;
  • To enjoy increased productivity as an individual;
  • Experiencing a long period of personal growth;
  • To help prevent any diseases to which we are genetically predisposed;
  • To get more from life; increase vitality leads to increase capacity for engagement;
  • To feel and look younger even if you are overweight, and so much more


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7 Things I've Learned On My Exciting Journey To A New Life After 40


Look For Solutions

On this blog, I present you with business opportunities that I personally use, I will only direct you to the only training and sources that I truly believe that brings value and help you either starting an online business from scratch or scale and improving the one you are already in.


I really hope they are useful to you and find the one's better suit your needs to help you design a better, happier life.


As I am totally addressing anyone out there looking to start an online journey I would like to ring the bell to anyone out there that resonates with my story.


Please believe in yourself and think of your beautiful age as ”Just A Number”, a way of growing older and not getting older.


If this is something you think will make good changes in your life, go for it. Never leave the outside world telling you what's good for you or not.

The only one who knows what's better for you is no one else than YOURSELF.


The support is out there for you, so go get it. You need to realize that you are a product of your own decisions. You are not a victim of misfortune.


You can either accept your life and the way you live and look, or you can do something about changing the outcome.

Where You Will End Up Is A Mystery… But Make Sure To Enjoy The Ride!


PS: ”For entrepreneurs who wish to unlock the keys that have allowed me and my friends to build global empires and never have to worry about money again, the time has come”…


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I am passionate about living life to the fullest by continually improving day-by-day every area of my life. Join me for an amazing life-changing experience after 40.

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