Are you thinking of a way to make more money but don't want to go out and get another job?

Are you looking for ways to make a living by working online from the comfort of your home?

Do you like the idea of not getting out of your pajamas and still get your monthly paycheck?

I'm Sure You Do!

Let's admit it. We've officially laid our steps in the digital world.

Did you know that about 51% of the people worldwide have access to the Internet? By 51%, we are talking about billions of people.

Imagine the number of people that you'll be able to target after you start your own online business?


Most of us are too scared of taking risks, isn't it?

And let me tell you this!

The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Any Risk! – Mark Zuckerberg

You shouldn't ever wait for the perfect opportunity to come knocking at your doorsteps.



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Learn how to take risks.

People climbing the ladder of success are all ready to accept and take risks.

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  • You are connected with the whole world 24/7;
  • Has lower risk;
  • You can move around the world with just a laptop and your phone and do your business anywhere.

You are in the right place. I will outline some things you need to know to start and skyrocket your online business and grow BIG!






If you work hard enough at every step, in the end, you will get to the destination.
In case you're looking for shortcuts, you will miss important points in the journey, and the results sometimes can be disappointing.

“Slow And Steady Win The Race.”



The first step towards an online business is to make up your mind and make a statement that you'll do this no matter why.

Decide that YOU'RE ready to change – and not only for a week or a month but for good.

     Decide to Succeed!

For that, you will have to create successful new habits and approach everything you do from the mind of a winner.

     Research, Research, Research!

Research and find out about all relevant information related to your business.

For instance, if you have to build an E-commerce website to sell products, you must do all the research related to the website design, what platform needs to run on, inventory, and workflow.

     #2- MAKE A PLAN

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Not a formal business plan!

I'm not talking about that boring 50-page business plan where you point out everything.

Make your choices open at this step so that you can opt-out the best from it.

Create a sweet and simple business plan that includes the following:

  • Your Business Name.
  • Who's Your Target Audience?
  • What Are You Selling?
  • What's The Demand In The Market?
  • What Are People Currently Paying For Your Products & Services?
  • What's Your Initial Investment?
  • Estimate Your Monthly Expenses?
  • How much you plan to earn within the next 12 months.

Analyze and understand all of this stuff by yourself before diving in.

     What Determines a Good Plan?

  • Discipline is key. Determine what needs to be done and commit to the road ahead;
  • A clear idea of what you want to do, why and what it will take you to get there;
  • Take consistent action every day until you reach your goal.



Ok, you know you want to do this.

Think about your chosen niche once again.

Choose the field of your interest.

Deciding on your niche is essential because it will help you choose your specific products and services, and at the same time, cut short your business competitors.

The products and services you are going to offer should not necessarily be unique, but need something attractive enough to grab the maximum people's attention.

It is essential not to make the same mistake as many people will do when choosing those keywords that target a vast market.

Always remember that you come to the top position in minimum time when you have fewer competitors.

Pick a niche and tailor it down as much as possible and make it a perfect fit for your targeted audience.

* For example, if you enjoy cooking, determine what style defines you most?

Are you a farm-to-table chef, or do you like making traditional foods with a modern flair?

Narrow down as much as possible so it will be easier to reach the people you intend to reach.

Go for a niche you know will pay off and generate passive profits for you in the future.

If you have a passion for it, it will make a difference.

One strong niche to consider is the Make Money Online (MMO) niche (also called Internet Marketing).

This niche is vast, and there is a never-ending demand for it.

Everybody understands what this niche is, and there are a considerable number of hungry buyers in it.

I do not doubt that many people will tell you that there is no room left in the MMO niche.

They will tell you that it is saturated and too competitive.

Well, it isn't saturated, but it is competitive.


Competition is good because it proves that there is money to be made.

The demand for making money will never dry up.

You'll always find something to promote in the MMO niche.

New products and services launch every day.

There are no other niches that compare in opportunity.

Not all of the products are great, but if you choose this niche, I put together a full list of trusted training and systems you can choose from, and rest assure they are the best.

I still use most of them, and I will always recommend them because they provide value and help me grow my business daily.

You don't necessarily need to be an expert in the niche you choose, right from the start.

The key is to have a desire to learn and GROW.

This is how I started.

Once I discovered it, I fall in love with it and never got tired of learning more every day.

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In an online business, the first thing your client will notice will be your website/blog.

If you want to start earning online, It's time to set-up your business structure.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step. ~Lao Tzu

Ensure that when your client visits your website, he will get an instant idea about your work by just having a look at your site.

Your website should have an attractive theme, and it should portray the type of work you are doing.

 Go here for elegant, feminine themes.

 Go here to choose from thousands of professional themes;

 Check out here to get the theme I previously use and take advantage of all it's futures.

In case you already have a blog in place, you are one step ahead of the game.

If you didn't start yet, then you need to create one.

Many people hire website developers to create their website, but I suggest to build yours all by yourself.

Why bothering building your blog/website?

You will be able to edit it anytime when you make a change in your business.

Whenever you have a new idea, you would have to go back to your developer and ask him to make the change for you.

You'll spend more money, time, and the most important thing; he may not get the full picture of your new concept.

Besides, you will miss all the fun and satisfaction of seeing the art of your hands.

How do you build your website if you have no idea about it?

You can use many website tools to build your website, even if you are unaware of coding.

The best of them all is “WordPress.”

In my guide on How to Start A Blog the right way, I lead you step-by-step, and there is nothing to be worried about. It is a straightforward process, and I am confident you'll be just fine.

Besides, don't forget: You can always get in touch and let me know if you need any help. More than that, I am offering you my full support if you decide to purchase any of the services I recommend via my links.

I only recommend tools I use, and I am 100% convinced will help you build a successful business as long as you are committed to doing the necessary work.


  • Content is at the heart of your evergreen business.
  • Providing valuable content is key to your success.
  • Create content that matters to your audience.
  • Find pain points and offer solutions to alleviate their pain.


When it is about writing quality content, it is all about your audience and not about yourself.

Understand your audience and find out their needs. Make yourself trusted and loved by offering them the best solution to their problems.

     Ask Yourself

  • Is your blog post engaging?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Inspirational?
  • Informational?

 Write Your Way to Your First $1k

 Create Content for Blog Traffic Masterclass


Once you know your content's style and quality that you will create, you need to keep in mind: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Writing content that is SEO friendly is the best way to push traffic to your site.

Your website needs to rank on Google to attract more people, and we do that in various ways:

     Use Keywords in Your Articles

What Are Keywords?
Keywords are words or short phrases people search online for a solution or an answer to their problem.

Search engines categorize all posts based on relevancy to a search term.

The words you use in your blog content in a specific way provide search engines with the right information about your blog and make it show up when a person is searching for that term.

     Tips to Use Your Keyword in Your Posts

  • Set keyword in the title of your article ( in front of the title if possible);
  • Place it in the introduction of the article ( in the first phrase);
  • Use it in subheadings;
  • Use them to incorporate it within your content – don't overdo it as you want to be natural;
  • Make a list of related keywords and use them in your post;
  • Use your keyword in a natural speaking way when you reply to a comment on your post.

Don't stress too much if you're only starting as you'll get better as you writing and learn as you go.

     Make Your Blog/Website Responsive

Google is prioritizing a site's mobile display over the desktop version as the authoritative source to determine its ranking.
Your blog/website theme plays an essential role here.

Choose a professional theme, then play around with your mobile links and see how everything is displayed.

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     Write Fresh Content Consistently

A better way to see your blog ranking is by writing FOR your audience ( the reason I mentioned earlier not to stress too much over the best keywords).

When you focus on your writing and helping people, you provide value to your audience.

What happens next: people recommend your content to others by linking your blog post to another site.

And this is called: ”backlink”.

A backlink is much worthed in Google's eyes because it sends signals that your blog provides answers and helps other readers.

When you're first getting started, Google doesn't trust your blog yet.

This takes time and is normal. You have to allow Google the necessary time to recognize your blog as a trusted source. 

You” ll need external factors to determine whether your blog provides value or not.

Having quality backlinks pointing to your blog, it passes along “link juice.”

The more you do this, the more trusted and popular your site becomes in Google's eyes.

But again, focus on your killer content and leave Google to do the rest for you.

     How To Get Backlinks to Your Blog?

     – Write Guest Posts.

By writing a quality article on another blog, you receive an author bio where you link your blog. If people like your post will want to know more from you, so this is your backlink.

     – Create a Resource Blog Post.

 Valuable resources that help other bloggers will make your post sharable.

     – Make Contact With Other Bloggers in Your Niche.

Join social media groups and connect with others in your niche to create a long term relationship for future help and support.

     – Use Internal Links. 

Use Internal Links to keep readers as much on your site as by sending them to other related articles on your blog. The time spent on your blog by each reader is telling Google if your content is useful or not.

     – Write Pillar Article.

A super long blog post where you offer high-quality educational information using internal and external links and serve as your site's foundation. Usually, a pillar article is created to generate passive income for years. 

Every time you create another post, you want to link to your pillar article. 

To see how a pillar article looks like, check this one here.

(I  just used an internal link to re-direct you to one of my pillar articles).

Search Engine Optimization is a competitive field. 

A great FREE plugin to help you optimize your blog is Rank Math SEO.


As soon as you got your blog live, you have to think about building your email list.

  1. It's an online asset you have full control over.
  2. It's a warm audience, so it's easier to sell and promote products too.

 Build and Twist Your List!

You need a place to store your email subscribers and the tools to capture email addresses.

     How to Start On With Your List Building?

The way to do this is by using an autoresponder service.

An autoresponder will provide you with the necessary codes to integrate an email box on your blog pages.

It will capture every email address entered by your readers and store them in a list that you have set up.

You can pay for a monthly service from a company such as Aweber, which is the best I can recommend.

With your shared web hosting, there will be limitations about the number of emails that you can send out every day. 

You don't want your business to get restricted by limitations.

Use a WordPress plugin like Ninja Popups and build superb popup forms on your blog to capture e-mails.


Helping people should be your primary goal for building an evergreen business. 

People search online to benefit them.

They may have a problem, a struggle, or want to look up something specific about a product, service, or topic.

Don't ever let greed take over!

The money will come in at the right time. Focus on the value you can provide and feed yourself with satisfaction that you made a difference in people's life.

This will pay off your hard work more than you will probably ever expect.

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Also, read: why starting a blog is the best idea for an online business?


If you have a partnership with different brands, it will help in building trust for your customers.

It's never easy to give a part of our earnings to different brands, but it is well worth it.

To start up the process, you don't need to build a partnership with top brands; you can start up with some small companies according to your budget.

Connect only with a brand that identifies with your business style, and their products/services appeal to your targeting market.

  • Be clear and specific about your business;
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions;
  • Know when to stop any business partner who doesn't result in the growth of your business.


If you think of yourself as a customer, then you must understand the importance of online support.

Many issues or confusions occur when different kinds of people buy your product (E-commerce business model).

How'd you feel if you have bought something from a company and having problems with the product?

You'd look out for support, right?

What if you don't get it?

You'd eventually become frustrated and make that decision: never to buy anything from that business.


You can't afford them.

If your customers have a good experience, then they will be more than happy to come back.

And the most critical skill that you can bless yourself with is “Interaction.”

You need to learn how to interact with people.

  • Listen to all of your customers' problems;
  • Provide them with a solution;
  • Interact with them on a personal level.


You have seen that most of the online websites give the option of PayPal as a payment method. 

Although it is a safe and secure to go method, not everyone has a PayPal account.

 It is necessary to provide different payment options like Visa or Master card to attract more people towards your business.


In today's world, we have a huge benefit from social media.

You can do the marketing of your business on social media without investing a single penny.

Reach out and engage with your followers on social media.

Establish your brand as an authority they can look up to and trust.

 To learn about social media marketing, this FREE Webinar will help.

 Use a plugin like Revive Social.

Here I have to admit; I don't use all social media platforms. I am only focusing on Pinterest, and we all know that Pinterest is not a social media platform but more a search engine.

I love Pinterest, and Is the only one that drives traffic to my site consistently; after Google. I like to use only tools that work for my business and helps me grow.

Even I don't use all the other social media platform, is still OK to have an account opened on each one of them.

You will have to find the one that best works for you and your business and stick with it. Don't try to be all over. It will be hard to keep going and get great results.


For getting reviews, create a review/comment section on your blog while developing it.

Great reviews can attract hundreds of people.


  • Engage your readers in conversation, remember the bucket brigade copy-writing technique?
  • Ask them to leave a comment on your blog.
  • Ask for their opinion.
  • Choose a professional theme for your blog that has a comment section integrated.

You can get clean beautiful looking Word Press themes here and here!


Never skip a day just for the sake of getting some free time for yourself when you're working on building your business.

Always remember that you will only get the same amount of output as the input that you give.

Do your best and maintain a routine of doing work.

Stay focused and check your goal setting list to keep you motivated.


If you think that a low budget will not do a successful business, think again.

Just because I spend thousand before getting any profits doesn't mean you have to do the same.


Like any business that requires an investment, if you don't focus on how much money you have and the expenses, your business will soon run out of money.

It would help if you had that included in your PLAN.

Management of your budget is the only thing that matters. 

  • How much investment do you have?
  • What's your burn rate?
  • Do you have a plan to bring in more money before you entirely run out?

Think of the ways to make your business attractive in the specified budget.

You can check my Resource Page to help you define the only resources that appeal to you and your business and avoid losing money on trials by testing and testing again.


Always set up a goal for yourself.

When you know your goal, you work hard because you know that place where you want to go. 

Setting up your goals will help you move forward and give you the strength to face challenges.

No business can flourish in one day.

You may go through some of the difficulties at first.

The only thing that keeps you moving forward will be your goals for your future.


Knowing your competitors will help you find your work path.

Keep an eye on your competitors to have an idea about your next step. Watch their work and come up with something better.


How people perceive your brand is essential. 

The first impression always counts!

Leave a positive impression on your customers' and clients' minds.

Design your business logo, decide on the fonts and colors you're using, and what's most important, decide on your business's full picture and how you want to be remembered.


Be real, be authentic, be you if you want your business to last.
People hate flakes, so don't hide under a fake name and a fake profile photo.


Use your audience's language, the words and terms they use, so they don't see you as an outsider.


In the online and digital fields, patterns are always changing. Monitor the leading channels and leaders in your industry to keep up.


As Tim Ferris said, business is a form of mental laziness. 

Be smart with your time and resources to get most of the benefit without tiring you up. 


Taking some time off is just as essential as the work. 

Go to the gym, exercise at home, or spend some time in nature. 

It will enhance your life.


An online business will let you create your market place at your comfort level and allows you to play by your own rules.

You will be the only boss there, and you can work on your terms.

It is rewardable and offers huge satisfaction.

To Be Successful, You Have to Have Your Heart in Your Business, and Your Business in Your Heart” ~Thomas Watson Sr.


You can make it happen only by taking action today, staying focus, and learning something new each day to enable growth.


How about by starting your blog first? Check out my tutorial here!

Are you still confused? Why not, let me build your blog for FREE? See how here!

As I always appreciate your time spending, reading all the way up to the end, I would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

Ps: Please don't forget that if you purchase any of my recommended services via my links, get in touch and let me know what you need to get your business started. I will love to hear from you and do my best to help.

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