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Starting an online business can be a little bit confusing at the beginning, especially if you are a complete newbie in this world.


Whether you landed on this post by researching on our familiar best friend called Google, or you probably read my post about How to Change and Dominate Your Life After 40 (and I hope you did, if not, please make sure to check it out), I know for sure that you are looking for a change.

Starting an online business that matter

  All the information I am about to reveal in this article can apply to anyone looking for advice on starting an online business the right way.

But, I will assume you are an amazing, mature woman who reaches a life stage where she realized that it is time to leave fear behind and start looking for new experiences.

Ok, I am pretty sure you started your online research way before to find me here. This is telling me that you are still looking for answers.

Even you probably read tons of articles about the best way to start an online business, you're still confused and have no clue how exactly all this system works and how you suppose to start. Am I right?

Don't worry, my dear, I hear you.. Especially when you have the feeling that everything is so complicated, you are not technically skilled, and you don't understand the ‘language' they are speaking.

Can you believe I spent 18 months trying to figure out what is an affiliate link, what is a WordPress site, and, oh my days…, how the heck are those people earning money virtually?

I come from the food industry, running a restaurant for years. All I knew about making money was by doing physical work for about 70-80h/week to be able to cover my living expenses and no other way.

After all these years I get to learn and understand more than those things, and I build this fantastic business with a purpose in mind: to lead you on your new journey and help you avoid all the mistakes I made, but more than anything, I want to save your valuable time.

 Losing time is not on my priority list anymore, so here I am providing you with all my knowledge and rest assured, I am always here to hold your hand whenever you need me.

By starting an online business, you can create an incredibly exciting lifestyle, my beautiful lady.



 NOW, my dear! There is no better time to start anything in life that will bring you more joy and fulfillment than now.

Before getting to the juicy part, let's try to break this down a bit to make sure we are on the same line.

The reality is that today you have access to a goldmine of information and lots of opportunities to help you succeed in building a real online business, and I encourage you to do so. Still, before diving in, there are few things you need to know.

   1. Isn't For Everyone

Please understand that I am not here to sell you a DREAM. They are others better than me with such skill.

They are many programs, ‘marketing systems' that claim overnight success. I would advise you to take proper care and use your judgment when you came across anything like this.

Building an online business requires work, a lot of hard work, especially when you are just starting, and commitment.

This is the number one reason, a lot of people start their online adventure to give up after a couple of months because they don't see the expected results.

Just because at some stage an online business can pay off and is a fantastic way of living doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is built for it, and that's fine.

So, you should keep in mind when setting up an online business of any sort is that you must treat it as just that – a business and get ready to put in all the work and effort plus you must be prepared to invest a small amount of money into it.

   2. What's Your Personality?

As you are thinking of running an online business, you need to find out whether you are a good fit or not.

As soon as you start working on your business, you become an entrepreneur. Whatever the reason you decide to take this route, I am proud of you, and I totally encourage and support you.

Still, first, we need to find out if you can handle the situation and become that next amazing successful entrepreneur woman.

For that, you need to get into an entrepreneur mindset.

What does this mean exactly?

Okay, to make a shortcut, I am going to outline some questions for you. Make sure to pay attention and answer them honestly. This will help you identify if starting an online business is what you most desire or not.


  • What is the main reason behind the idea of starting an online business?
  • An entrepreneur is self-motivated and works ten times harder than an employee to build something greater than themselves that is about more than just making money today. Something that outlasts and live on even after they’re gone. On a scale from 1 – 10, what is your self-motivation rate?
  • Can you act and use your judgment without a boss?
  • Like any other real business, especially when you are at the starting point, an online business requires time, persistence, consistent learning until you experience success. Are you passionate enough to stick to it for at least a reasonable amount of time before thinking of giving up?
  • A real entrepreneur can fall up and get back on track immediately. They take failure as part of success. (If you knew how many times I fail…, I can probably be listed in the World Book Records ?. I mentioned before, my desire and passion for succeeding were more than just a simple wish.) What are your thoughts?

Hey, are you still with me?

Amazing, if you didn't leave my site after reading all this, it means you are one in a million.

I am very excited to know you are still going towards achieving your goals, and I am committed to offering you my full support.

Just between you and me: I tried to scare you off ?.

Not that the above mentioned are not real, they are, but I rather lose you now instead later on.

Well, girl, I think you are now ready to take the first step and start building something magical that will lead you to a life of freedom full of excitement and joy!

Let's get things started!


      ◊ The Importance of Invest in Yourself

What's the one thing you can do to help ensure that you are on the way to success?

 Educate Yourself.

It doesn't matter if we're talking about reading books or by buying online tutorials about how to make money with affiliate marketing. You must invest in yourself to give you the tools to succeed.

You will never get anywhere in life if you don't invest in yourself.

Everyone is looking for an outside thing to invest in to make them productive. You don't need to look any further than the person in the mirror. The one investment that always pays the most dividends is investing in yourself.

One of the biggest hypes about starting an online business is that you can do it with zero investment. People tend to fall for it every day.

It is absolutely ridiculous, in this case, you are better off looking for a job. You're not looking for a business.

Even they say, take that link and start spamming all possible social media accounts and promote the hell of it, you are still investing in it; your precious time, but then, this isn't by far a business.

We are looking for a real, sustainable business that will pay off all our work and efforts for years, and secure our financial future, right?

Don't get me wrong. By investing in yourself, I don't mean by going out there and start buying all programs and courses you come across just because they promise you overnight success and – ‘that's the system you are looking for.'

If a program is helping improve your skills and brings any benefits and growth, yes, invest in it, rather than spending hours of researching for free information, do yourself a favor and invest in better quality content and speed up your business process.

This is why I decided to build this site. I will provide you with the best programs I came across in my entire five years of testing and research to help you make quick decisions and rest assure are only the best ones out there.


Yes, if you purchase any of my recommended products/services via my links, I will get a small commission without affecting your total payment. For that, I ♥ You and thank you. Please keep in mind that this is not the primary purpose of all my presentations.

But, when I am talking about investing in yourself, money is just a fraction of the equation.

I am talking about your mind, body, and spirit connection also.

Everyone is telling you, build your website, grab your affiliate links, and you are set. Yes, I will get there also, but before getting to this point, you need to know how to control your emotions, learn how to stay focused when results delays, how to listen to your inner self.

 I suggest you read my post ‘ How to Dominate and Change Your Life‘ as I go into more detail about this.

    ◊Your Health and Well Being Also Need to Be Taken Care Of.

This is one of those areas that people tend to overlook the most. You'll never perform well if you're not taking care of yourself first.

Your health has a direct link to your success! 

Our bodies and minds need nutrients to function effectively, which why it is essential to focus on adding foods that are rich in happiness-boosting vitamins and minerals.

When you create a perfect mindset around the food you eat, you are creating a not only a fit body, but also you are offering your brain and spirit an opportunity to refuel.

It has been proven that all diseases are part of the food we choose to eat. 

If you have no energy and feel tired even when you sleep nine hours/night, you have no motivation, and all you wish for is another day to pass, you should be concerned about changing your eating habits.

 What is this to do with your new business?

Well, I totally believe you are much smarter than that, my dear. I will leave you with this in mind and maybe, why not, place your answer in the comment box down below.

So, while the decision must be entirely yours, I only know one thing; there is no life-changing transformation, neither success will come your way until you decide you are worth the effort.

Mindset and actions together are what will help you to achieve results.

    ◊ Face Your Fears 

There are those times when you have to do something so far fetched that it sounds downright impossible.

So what happens when you created your magnificent life-changing goals, and you find yourself paralyzed by fear and unable to take the first leap?

In my opinion, everyone has fears, some small and some big.

We all have something we fear at some level, and this is perfectly fine, as is human nature. We are programmed to be fearful of the unknown.

Life in the shadow of fear is a horrible place to reside. You have to get over the feeling of being uncomfortable to proceed further.

If you are not fearful, you are not progressing or growing.


We must know that fear is a clear sign that we've reached the edge of our comfort zone, and the only question here is: ”Will You Jump Off into the Unknown or Run Back”?

There will always be a little anxiety when you're going through unchartered territory. That's just life, and somehow you've got to learn how to get through it.

Fear is a normal part of life, and it is essential if you want to live up to your true potential.

When we feel an emotion that seems uncomfortable, we tend to run away or push it aside. But when you find that nothing seems comfortable in your new journey, embrace it.

It's never as bad as you think it's going to be. 

  ◊ Get Comfortable with Failure

If you are going to make it to the finishing line, you have to be comfortable with the idea of failing.

The fear of failing is just an emotion. Whether you're happy, sad, or angry, you express yourself an emotion inside of you and not from outside of you.

Feelings are derived from the thoughts you hold and the images you play in your mind. So, to change your feelings, it makes sense to change your thoughts and pictures in your head.

 Now, this should be much easier right?

All you need to do is to cultivate the mindset of being truly successful.

Failure isn't as bad as many people think it is. You only learn if you fail. It's incredibly challenging to learn from anything when you're going up and up.

Failing gives you the chance to take inventory of everything that happens. You will be able to see your success in a different light and learn from what didn't work. It's a tough pill to swallow, but you'll be a stronger person on the other side if you fight through failure.

  ◊ Believe in Yourself 

This is by far the hardest part of being successful.

You're going to encounter a lot of people who will try to drag you down. There will even be times when you're the one dragging yourself down.

You have to be your number one fan and honestly believe you're going to make it.

There may be times when you feel like all of this is a waste of time. It will be a waste of time if you allow yourself to quit. It took me 3 years to make it happen.

You've got to stay on track because this is extremely important to you. You're not just trying to make money. You want to validate yourself. That's the one thing you want to do more than anything.

  ◊ Focus on Impressing Yourself

Trying to impress those around you is a waste of time and energy.

Successful and gritty people understand this. They know that they will never be able to fully satisfy and impress everyone because of the knowledge that no matter what you do for other people, they will always complain about something.

Instead, gritty people spend their time impressing themselves, allowing them to set higher goals for themselves. You need to focus on influencing and impressing yourself because you are the only one who truly cares and will always do what is in your best interest.

    ◊ Learn Lessons from Your Past

If you want to become successful, you have to stop dwelling on your past and the mistakes you've made.

You have to realize that your past doesn't define you. In fact, your history is just a way of training and improving yourself.

You need to think about what went wrong, figure out how to change your mistakes, and move forward.


Okay, my dears, now as you know how to get yourself prepared for the new venture, let's see why would you even consider jumping into an online business.

I would like to mention before anything else that, I love so much what I am doing with my online business and the freedom is offering me as even if you would offer me a million dollars a month office job, I wouldn't accept it.

These are only a few things why considering starting an online business is beneficial to you.

     ◊ Enjoying the Flexibility

As I mentioned earlier, I used to run a food business, and I was utterly tight to that place.

If I would be missing one day, the place would fall apart.

Starting an online business is, by far, the best decision I could ever take.

Besides the fact that I can schedule my own time and hours, I can take it with me everywhere I want to.

That enabled me to:

  • Travel with my family and still doing the necessary work at the time and the hours I desire.
  • I spend a lot more time with my kids than ever before.
  • I am not physically tired anymore, and I completely eliminated the stress from my mind.
  • I improved my health as I can look after myself better than ever.

When I was running the restaurant, I had days when I wouldn't remember if I was drinking a glass of water.

I was eating on the run unhealthy foods and at irregular hours. I use to sleep only a few hours per night just to start over again the next day in the same robotic style.

     ◊  The Doors of Your Business Are Always Open

Once you have everything in place and ready to launch, your business never closes the door to your potential customers. This is the reason you probably heard so many times the phrase: ‘make money while you sleep.'

Your website is up and running 24h / 7/ 365 days. Your customers can come in from any part of the world. You have immediate access to millions of customers.

You are not restricted by location, and the competition is not around the corner.

      ◊ Multiple Streams of Income 

The possibilities of making money with your online business are endless, and the costs are much smaller than a brick and mortar store.

By starting an online business, you have the chance to explore, be creative, and play around by testing as you wish without the risk of losing your life-saving money.

You can start small and grow as you go. You will only be limited by you and your own efforts.

I build my business on a system that works great for me and helps me grow in the long run.

Once you find the right system for you and follow with the proper training, your business can really offer you unlimited income potential.

You can definitely earn a real nice income by starting an online business around your passion and have great fun at the same time.

When you are passionate about something, you become motivated and committed to achieving your goals.



Starting an online business that matter

If you still want to start a business after reading this, let’s look at how you can get started right now. You’re just a few minutes away from the beginning of building your new future, my dear.

You might want to build an empire, or you might want to build a small family business – it’s up to you where you go on this journey, but you do have to get started. ?

      #1. Define What You Want To Do

The secret to finding success with your online business starts with finding a paying market.

Naturally, there will be topics and activities that are more appealing to you than others.

Passion can be the key when it comes to starting your own business, but it's also essential to do your research before you dive in.

If you are planning on creating a blog, or even if you aren't, you'll need to think of a topic that you could write about every day without growing bored. Keep in mind your skills and expense that you have acquired over time.

While this will help you move faster in the process of starting your online business, you can always consider putting in the necessary time to acquiring new skills and related knowledge and learn on the way.

This is exactly how I build my business.

When I find out about internet marketing I fall in love with the concept.

I invested in my education, and I dedicate a significant amount of time to learn everything from scratch, and that's okay with me because I got myself over the limits.

I build something that makes me feel amazingly well and proud of it.

I'm going to lead you in the right direction, my dear, so don't be afraid to go ahead and test the water.

Whatever way you choose to go, you need to keep in mind that you are going to build a business that will earn you money and meet your financial goals.

For this reason, you will need to conduct your own research from the start and find out if your passion can bring you in profits.

You have to find happy and loyal customers that will be willing to come to buy from you again and again.

By following my recommendations, you will save a huge amount of time and get access to the most useful business resources without wasting your money on unnecessary tools.

I have a lot of customers that are buying every product I recommend just because they started their business based on my instructions.

They trust me enough to know that I am offering them only the best tools and services in helping their business grow and get all the necessary support.

The very last thing you want is to end up putting in hours of your time and energy into your business only to find out that nobody is interested in what you have to offer and bring you failure and disappointment.


Based on your skills, write down a few different ideas that come to mind.

Don’t use any type of judgment right now.

After you’re done, you can go through and mark through the “no” ideas and highlight the “yes” ideas.

It’s also important to know what type of business you want to do.

For example, I consider affiliate marketing one of the easier ways to start, but you might like to explore drop shipping, or maybe you already have your own product.

     #2. Determine Who You Like Serving

One thing to look at in any given industry is the type of people you like working with.

If you don’t like the people who you serve, you’ll hate your business.

If you feel connected to people whom you serve, you’re going to love your business and feel really good about it.

Write down a description of the type of person you’d like to work with:

  • What are their values?
  • What are their problems?
  • Do they have money to pay for problem-solving?
  • How many are they?
  • Can you earn a living from that audience?
  • Try to picture your ideal customer and build your business plan around their needs.
  • Can you inspire them?
  • Do you have a solution that solves a problem they face with?

Having a clear idea of who you want to target will make the whole process easier.

For example, my Ideal Customer Avatar is You, a mature woman who is age 40 and over that is looking:

  • First to start an online business and they don't know if they can do it and how;
  • You need inspiration and support when you feel let down by life knowing there is a better way;
  • You know that life has more to offer and you deserve a better living;
  • You're open and committed to making some significant changes for a better way of living.
I am offering you my business expertise and knowledge combined with practical self-help tools to ensure you obtain the maximum benefits in achieving your goals.

For me, it is clear that I am never going to market to a 20-year young woman that has no problems with the new technology and she has all the time in the world to spend on the researches.

More than that, at this age, everything is painted in pink and much more relaxed, usually, so my advice wouldn't have any impact on her, I suppose.

In internet marketing words, this is known as a ‘niche.'

A niche is a specific category of people (gender, same age category) with the same interests looking for solutions to similar problems.

If you are thinking of starting an online business in Internet Marketing, for example, well, this area is quite broad.

What you want here to do is to narrow down and figure out what are you specialized in the most and pick a sub-niche like: blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation, etc., and target the people you want to address to.

Let's get another example and say you are a new mum in your early 40.

A great niche would be ”Tips and advice for new moms over 40”.

This way, you write for them from your own experience, and you are not going to chase all mums around the world.

This will allow you to become an authority in your niche and have a lower competition. The more you can target a specific niche, the better your chances of being able to be successful.

Understanding the exact profile of your customers will provide you with the opportunity to build a relationship. This way, you will continue to sell to them over and over again.

Every niche is different, and there is no right or wrong niche.

The only difference is that are niches more profitable than others, and so for this, you need to delegate your own research before wasting time, money, and energy.

     #3. Connect & Build Relationship

Now that you’ve chosen your niche, you need to connect and build strong relationships.

A great way to connect with your targeted audience is to locate the main sites, blogs, discussion boards, and forums that are associated with your niche research what topics are most discussed and, if possible, leave a valuable comment.

Follow the people your audience follows. Read the news they read.

Get to know the gurus they like to follow, too, whether you like them or not. There is something about them that your audience likes, and you can help them.

Identify three to five movers and shakers in your niche to follow so you can start learning. They may be your competition too.

You can learn so much from them as you build out your business idea.

They say that the best place to open a successful coffee shop is right across the street from a successful coffee shop.

Don’t Fear Your Competition.

  • Your competition doesn’t have to be someone who is “bad.” Don't look at it as your enemy.
  • You can learn from them and even team up with them on issues you both care about.
  • Learn what they are doing well and learn what they do poorly so you can do better.

      #4. Build Your Most Valuable Asset

 One of the biggest mistakes I made when I start my online venture was not to build an e-mail list. 

 On the other hand, I know for sure I wasn't the only one. In fact, many marketers out there made precisely the same mistake.

Email marketing is the best way to keep your audience engaged as well as the best marketing tactic to return on investment.

An e-mail list is basically a list of responsive subscribers to whom you can promote your products or affiliate products directly. Those are the people interested in what you have to offer, and they gave you permission to send them e-mails every time you want to share something.

Email marketing can be set to run on autopilot with the help of an Autoresponder software. You can create a series of promotional messages and schedule them to be sent on a later date.

 One thing that is important if you want to be a successful entrepreneur is to set up processes and systems for the business. The more you can automate, the better.

For example, sending out an email to your subscribers automatically every single day is an excellent way to build relationships with them.

Even though it’s only one step, the fact that it’s automated will make all the difference because it will free you up to do other things that improve your business.

This way, you can make money while you sleep.

All my subscribers come from my blog newsletter and from my freebies.

You need to offer some kind of valuable content to ask for an exchange with their e-mail address. 

Sign up for your e-mail automation system, here.

      #5. Marketing

When it comes to business, you should “always be marketing.” This is according to the experts and according to successful people.

No business can succeed without marketing.

What type of marketing do you want to do, and how will you do it?

In this case, you might need to start with your budget and then choose your marketing method based on how much you can invest.

Online marketing is a crucial marketing method to use today.

One of the best business systems that helped me market my business and learn all the insides out is this program. If you are going to start building your online business today, this is one of the most valuable programs I came across, and I strongly recommend you give it a try.



You do not need to reinvent the wheel. You can make a better wheel if needed, but you can use the bikes that exist right now to get started.

Running your business “right” simply means that you go about things in a legal and organized manner with a goal in mind, using processes and systems to get things done more efficiently.

The most successful businesses are conducted by people who are invested in doing. They are implementors to the max.


Everyone has things they don’t know, but the problem is that we also have things we don’t realize that we don’t know.

There will be concepts that you’ve never even considered and that you don’t know about. That’s why you should always listen to your audience, your customers, and your competition.


Set up a timeline to go by so that you have a beginning and an end in mind. For example, don’t say “I’m going to start a business” and then five years later not have done it.

Instead, be intentional about what you say you’ll do and then back it up by going through the steps and taking the action you need.

When you set up your business plan, set it up for taking action and doing things. When you do take action, you’re going to be that much more likely to be successful.

Just get started. And please remember I am only a click away. Get creative and have fun!

Please get in touch and let me know what you need help with.  I will be more than happy to hear from you.

What's Next?

Check out How To Start A Blog In 20 Minutes and start working on your unique online business the right way without hassle.

Business Resources I Recommend For Starting and Growing Your Unique Online Business

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      I read it all the way through and believe it has the same message for both women and men so maybe that is something to think about when drafting your next blog?

      To your success


      • Juliana

        Hi Dave,

        Thank you very much for stopping by. I totally understand your point. Yes, this post and some others are relevant to both, women and men. I also mention that and I am honored you took the time to read it all. Regarding my audience Dave, this is my message. My blog is an open source to absolutely anyone but I decided to speak specifically to middle-age women as I know from experience they need more encouragement and support when it is about starting an online business and not only.

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