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Your mind is a powerful tool and will only work for you if you are willing to make a change, and yes, changes take hard work and effort.


It doesn't matter how clever you are or how many qualifications you have. You can significantly increase your brain power if you understand how the brain works.

Your Mind Is a Powerful Tool

Improving and discovering your mind doesn't have to mean going crazy studying and reading all books.


There are plenty of tricks, strategies, and routines, as well as lifestyle, diet, and behavior improvements that can help you stretch your gray matter muscles and get the most out of your brain cells.


Many people, you may be one of them as I was once, begin a self-book or personal training program but quit halfway through.


Why? They convince themselves that it's too hard, or they don't have what it takes.

Here's the Problem with That Approach

  • You need commitment.
  • Get ready to take back your power.
  • You need to be willing to follow some simple steps that will change your social and financial life.
  • Even if you are not sure at first, it is essential to realize that you can succeed despite yourself!


For everything, you read about the power of the mind, to work well for you, you have to DO IT!


There is no more fabulous journey that the one that you must take to discover all the mysteries that lie within you.


Invest in yourself by increasing your skills, and don't be afraid to try new things and new ways of doing things. Such things are the secrets of success, not just in the world of Internet business, but in life itself.


The Deep Abyss

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I Know…

That every last one of us on this planet merits satisfaction and bliss, yet frequently, we still hit points in our lives when we are thumped back by unhappy and challenging experiences, where we lose sight of our very fundamental belief.

At the same time, we also lose sight of how we can ever get back the feelings that we once had.

Where Did It Go?

How can we re-connect with it again?

In our beginning times of life, when we are young, our spirit is full of energy, carefree with no responsibilities, and no baggage to hold us down.


However, as we begin to mature and face the trials that every life offers, we can become burdened by what we go through – from marriage breakdown, and all other physical and emotional upheavals that are inevitable on the path of being human.


Usually, as we have never been taught how to deal with these circumstances, we find ourselves just doing the best we can – quietly hoping that we will cope and wishing that one-day things will show signs of improvement.


Our experience starts to weigh us down, and we begin building the heavy baggage on our shoulders, grounding us and making us feel stuck.


Most of the time, we feel so layered that we can't find the energy to lift us off the ground again.


This is often because of the emotional impact of our life experience up to that moment that we have never dealt with, the uncertain feelings that have assumed control over our free soul, and pulverized our satisfaction forever.


When we are in the company of good friends and loved ones, our spirit revives.


However, the next morning, we find the light has gone out again, and it's back to the grind of living the routine that has become our lives.

I Also Know…

There's a force within all of us that can lovingly guide us to our perfect health, perfect careers, perfect ‘relationship,' and which can bring us the prosperity of every kind.

  • First thing first, to attract all the good things we want in our life, we need to trust that they are possible.
  • Second, we must be willing to release the patterns in our lives that are creating the conditions we say we do not want.


It doesn't mean that we will never have problems again, but is how we react to the problem that makes a tremendous difference.


After years of study, researchers and training programs, I found that there is only one simple thing that heals every problem, and this is:  Self Love


Once people begin to love themselves, it's incredible how their life gets better.


Researches show that they feel better, they get the desired job, they see financial improvements in a short time, their relationships either improve or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin.


It's a straightforward premise – loving yourself.


Most of us are hiding from ourselves and don't understand our identity, what we feel or what we want.

Life Is a Voyage of Self-Discovery

Your Mind is A Powerful Tool

It's not self-centered to love ourselves. It makes us understand that we should love ourselves enough to love and care for others. We can help the environment when we come from a field of immense love and understanding on an individual level. 

How to Touch Off Our Spirits Once Again?

As far as I can tell, the best way to touch off our spirits again is to figure out how to.

  • Sop criticizing our self and being so brutal to ourselves;
  • Acknowledge ourselves precisely as we are today, and figure out how to nature ourselves;
  • Realize that deserve our love and respect;
  • Let go past negative experiences that stop us from moving forward;
  • Address the pains that we haven't looked up to;
  • Forgive ourselves all our past failings;
  • Unleash our creative ideas and break through the fears and limiting thoughts that stop us from living our dreams.
People are always blaming circumstances for what they are. 

I don't believe in circumstances (anymore).


The people who get ahead in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.

~ George Bernard Shaw ~


If we can begin to work on removing the blocks from our mind, we will access and fully ignite the little spark (our joy for life) that exist in each one of us – the spark that never goes out but burns quietly at the core of who you are, patiently anticipating your return.


We all deserve to access that potential, and when we figure out how to deal with ourselves, and recognize and focus on removing as many of the above blocks as we possibly can, we will then be in place to nurture our spirits back to life again.

Positive Goals Bring Positive Results

Your deepest desires are gifts that are part of your essential self, and you received them along with the capability to fulfill them.

You were not created with desires that are beyond your ability to fulfill. Therefore, anything you go after, you can get. You have a right to it.

But wait!

That's just for your positive self.

Your negative self is a loser.

  • You can't get what you want.
  • All your efforts fail.
  • Your life is a series of frustrations and disappointments.


Even when you manage to achieve a goal, you find no lasting satisfaction in it. It turns out to be something that you don't want, after all.


To be assured of achieving what you go after, it has to be a goal of your positive self. This has nothing to do with wanting what's “right” or doing things for “the greater good.”

A person's idea of “right” and “good” is entirely dependent on his beliefs and opinions.

The Deep Abyss

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Here Is a Much More Reliable and Beneficial Way to Judge Your Goals

A definite goal is one you value when your mindset is that of your positive self. There is no other limit to what it may be.

  • Only the negative self feels wronged and gets angry.
  • Only the negative self wants revenge or wants to “get even.”
  • Only negative self classifies some people as enemies and feels he has to fight them to be safe or to get what he wants
  • Only the negative self believes he is incapable of getting what he wants
  • Only the negative self believes is not confident of his essential self-worth,
  • Only the negative self believes it has the goal of proving something to other people – showing they were wrong about him, proving that he's better than they are, proving that he's a “good” person, or proving that he's morally superior.
  • Only the negative self believes it thinks that he has to lie to people to be liked by them.


Everything related to what others think of you is still a goal of a negative self, one who believes that just being yourself isn't good enough.


I am just trying to outline the extremes for clarity.


Most people get mixed results because their mindset varies between various levels of positive and negative.


The lesson here is to have the mindset of your positive self as you look into your mind and feelings to see what your deepest desires are. Then pursue those goals with the energy and confidence of your positive self. You will merely be claiming what is rightfully yours.

The Power of Affirmative Commands

Saying affirmations to yourself (aloud or silently) is a proven way to bring about the experiences you desire.

An affirmation carries a mental image with it, drawing from the power of causative visualization.

Though saying (or writing), an affirmation does not employ the mental focus and intensity of the full visualization process. It nevertheless has a measure of causative power. Its significant advantage is that it is so easy to do without disrupting normal activities.


Affirmations can be thought of as commands to the world (or Universal Consciousness) to do your bidding. The proof is in the results. You will see the world comply, sometimes immediately and sometimes gradually.


For your affirmations, to have real power, assume the mindset of your positive self stepping forward and taking command. You do not make wishes or requests. You boldly state the result that you intend to experience. State it as if it is real right now.

The affirmation, then works as a command to bring your intended result.

The affirmations that will probably have the most significant effect on your life are those you make about yourself. If your present circumstances are far from ideal, you probably are also a long way from having a consistently positive mindset. You could use coaching. Affirmations are a way to coach yourself.


You can put positive affirmation cards around your house. You can carry one with you to view at times as you repeat the affirmation to yourself. Probably the most critical affirmation of all is the one that puts you on track at the start of each day.


When you awake, do not lie around in bed. Get right up and affirm who you are: your positive self.


Look out into nature or, if it suits you, look at yourself in the mirror and say your affirmation. Saying it out loud maximizes the effect.


I have written a suggested affirmation that you can modify to suit your beliefs. A different opening sentence could be “I am a child of God” or “I am a part of Universal Consciousness” or “I am a part of Infinite Intelligence.”


Remember, this is your positive self-talk. It's the negative self who is a sinner or an alcoholic or whatever other self-defeating beliefs it holds. Your positive self expresses only favorable and beneficial beliefs.


Here are a few positive affirmations that you can use every day and train your mind for success, adjust them as you wish to feel comfortable:

  • I am an expression of Divine Consciousness. As such, I fulfill an indispensable part of the world simply by being who I am and doing what I naturally do.
  • It is my innate right to have the values that come naturally to me and to pursue and obtain the things I choose.
  • I feel relaxed and happy, knowing that I am loved by people close to me and that people, in general, are inclined, to please me and to fulfill my requests.
  • I go forth with boldness and confidence, knowing that events will always work in my favor and my endeavors will always meet success when followed to a conclusion.
  • My own intuition, sometimes with helpful advice from others, will guide me to make any corrections needed to reach my true goals in the fastest way.
  • I remain peaceful at all times because even people and events that appear to be going against me will turn out to work in my favor.
  • It is a fine day, and I greet it with pleasant anticipation and gratitude for all the good things it holds for me.
  • I love life, and I love the people around me.
  • So It Is.


When you are your positive self, all the cells in your body appreciate it and your psychic influence benefits all the people who come near you or interact with you during the day, whether they realize it or not.


If you need to be reminded to stay in the positive-self viewpoint, you can say this affirmation (or parts of it) at one or more additional scheduled times during the day or evening. You could have it on a card that you simply read aloud or silently.


At times when you catch yourself interpreting things negatively, you can remind yourself of the positive-self mindset by asking yourself, “Who am I?”

The Deep Abyss

”Private VIP Access to an Inner-Circle, Top-Secret, High-Level Mastermind Guaranteed to Get You the Life of YOUR Dreams!”


Does Seeking Wealth Conflict with Spirituality?

A sense of spiritual connectedness with the universe (or God) is a major help in attaining the lifestyle that one desires.



The creation and enjoyment of beautiful and luxurious things can itself be a way for one's spirit to express itself.


If you look beyond the surface desires that you assumed from your association with others, you will find that you have one or more inner desires that yearn for fulfillment.

  • They are a natural part of you, sort of an inner blueprint for your life.
  • They give your life purpose and define you as a unique and individual self.


Those deep desires are gifts that were given to you along with the capability to fulfill them. You do not have natural desires without the potential to develop the skills and abilities needed for their fulfillment.


Fulfillment of your desires is your birthright. Life is your opportunity to seize and enjoy that fulfillment.


The conflict occurs when people so fervently believe in a material reality that their sense of self is tied up with their pursuit of wealth. And it is not rich people who are most in danger of losing their way.


It's the people who are struggling to get out of or stay out of poverty who are more likely to place undue importance on money and material goods.



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Your Mind Is a Powerful Tool


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Your Mind Is a Powerful Tool

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